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Google Hotel Search - Information about Restrictions


This article describes the restrictions for the Google Hotel Search connection with Cloudbeds PMS.

How it works

Once the connection with Google Hotel Search is established, Cloudbeds will send your property's rates, availability and inventory from your Booking Engine to Google, so potential guests see this information while performing property search.

Restrictions Categories

1. Extra Guest Pricing (Occupancy Based Price)
  • Not supported by Google, so Cloudbeds will not send to them.
  • Cloudbeds does not send info on extra guest pricing beyond the guests that are already included in the rate.
  • If the extra guest pricing causes price accuracy issues, it could be a cause for property disablement from Google Hotel Search.
  • When a guest is redirected to the Cloudbeds Booking Engine from Google, they will be able to manually add the extra guest pricing to update the reservation pricing.
2. Booking Engine Settings
  • Properties using the setting to Allow guests to book specific accommodations on the Booking Engine are not eligible for the Google Hotel Search connection. We recommend to disable this feature (by unchecking all accommodation options) because Google may not show your property link if there is no continuous availability for a particular room.

Learn more about the Cloudbeds Booking Engine.

3. Allow Overbookings Option
  • We highly recommend you to keep the Allow Overbooking feature disabled on your Availability Matrix page. The inventory will be sent to Google, however, upon redirect, the page will load a rate plan that has no availability and it can cause price accuracy issues.
4. Dorm Room Configuration and Price
  • Only Mixed Dorms qualify for the Google Hotel Search connection.
  • When using the Google Hotel Search, Google will search for 1 room, 2 adults by default.
  • Cloudbeds PMS will send the lowest rates to the Google Hotel Search (these lowest rates can be a dorm bed as well).
  • Depending on the property's availability (for example,  if there is an availability of 2 dorm beds at the property on the given date) Google Hotel Search will show the rate of 2 dorm beds combined together, when 2 adults are selected, as the lowest rate.

See Google Hotel Search - All you need to know for a general overview of this feature.

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