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PIE - Overview Page


The PIE Overview page provides an at-a-glance review of your property's performance, helps you compare your rates to your competitors and displays rules/alerts triggered for today's date.

The PIE Overview Page

Access the Overview

After clicking on the PIE section of your Main Menu, the Overview is the first page shown under the Pricing Intelligence section:

Today's Statistics

Today's statistics shows your property's performance for the current business date.
To check the performance of the property for yesterday, month-to-date and year-to-date - check the Performance section below.

  1. Occupancy: shows today's occupancy for the entire property. 
  2. RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room): shows today's RevPar for the entire property.  Revenue Per Available Room (or bed) gives you the revenue booked (including additional room revenue) divided by every bed/room you have whether it was sold or not.
  3. Room Nights Sold: the number of room nights sold for today. Same as "Rooms occupied" number on your property's main Dashboard.
  4. ADR (Average Daily Rate): shows today's ADR for the entire property. 

This section shows your property performance for yesterday, month-to-date and year-to-date. The following parameters are displayed:

  1. Occupancy: shows occupancy levels for the entire property. 
  2. RevPar: shows revenue per available room for the entire property. 
  3. ADR: shows average daily rate for the entire property.

If we have data for the same period of time last year, you will see a percentage change as well.

Performance (30 days)

Room revenue received over the last 30 days. If we have data for the same period of time last year, you will see a percentage change in the chart. 

There are 3 major KPI's on the Revenue Pick Up graph (Occupancy, Average Daily Revenue, and Revenue Per Available Room) all in one place to make it easy to see the trends. You can also compare this year's data to previous year's.

  1. Occupancy (OCC )graphs/blocks: displayed in grey blocks
  2. Average Daily Revenue (ADR )graphs: displayed in blue lines
  3. Revenue Per Available Room (RevPar) graphs: displayed in orange lines
  4. Occupancy percentage
  5. Currency amount for ADR and RevPar graphs
  6. Option to toggle graphs from last year on/off
Market Data

This graph allows you to compare your rates with your competitors', starting from today and for the following 90 days (click arrows to scroll the graph).

Select the ranking to be displayed based on your lowest and your highest price (My lowest price being the default option). The following values are always displayed on the graph for the competitor's prices: lowest, highest and average.

Learn how to create Compsets: How to create compset

Upcoming Events

This section shows all the upcoming events created in the Events page.

Learn more about the Events page.

Today's Activity

A list of all the rules triggered, approved and denied for the current day.

  • Clicking the "Approved" will take to Rate Manager list view, with a list of all Approved rules, sorted with today’s rules on top (please note that right now, approved rules include Compset Alerts)
  • Clicking "Denied"will take to Rate Manager list view, showing the list of Denied rules, sorted with today’s rules on top
  • Clicking "Pending" number redirects to Rate Manager and opens modal window "Accommodation details" where you may approve or deny the rule or make additional changes to the pricing and stay restrictions for the corresponding date and accommodation type.
Today's Pickup

This section shows how far in advance reservations are made, on average, for each accommodation type, using reservations that were made within the last 24 hours.

For example: if booking date is January 1st and check-in date is January 3rd, the booking window will be 2 (the difference between the 3rd and the 1st). Column names are clickable to sort data in the table

  1. AVGLOS is the average length of stay for a certain room type.
  2. ADR is the average daily rate for a certain room type.
Top 5 Sources (Last 30 days)

Shows the list of 5 top producing sources, with number of Rooms Booked, along with your ADR (average daily rate) for the source.

Column names are clickable to sort data in the table:

Upcoming High Occupancy (>80%)

This is a month calendar view of all dates with occupancy higher than 80% highlighted red. Clicking a high occupancy date that is in the future will redirect to the Rate Manager and open a modal window with Accommodation details where you can make changes to the pricing and stay restrictions for the corresponding date and accommodation type.

To be instantly redirected to the Rate Manager page, click on Rate Manager at the top of this section.

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