How can I track the activities of e-mail delivery log?


With Email Delivery Log, myfrontdesk users may track the emails sent from our PMS. This tool can show emails sent to the guests - both custom (welcome emails, surveys) and default (confirmations, invoices) - as well as test and system emails (sent from Email Templates page or System Notification Emails).

1. Accessing Email Delivery Log

You may find Email Delivery Log by going to

  • Manage (gear icon)
  • Click 'Email Delivery Log' under 'EMAIL CONFIGURATION' section

2. Applying filters

On the email delivery log page you may apply different filters to check which emails have been sent from Myfrontdesk

  1. Search (for example, by guest name or reservation ID)
  2. Select Date range (to check which emails were sent on specific period)
  3. Filter by email Status: Sent, Delivered, Failed

Click Apply after you have selected the filters needed.

3. Checking the logs

After clicking Apply under Filters tab you will receive the logs of emails listed by:

  1. Date sent: shows the date and time when email has been sent/delivered
  2. Status: shows the status of email sent. It can be sent, delivered, failed (something has prevented email from being sent)
  3. To: shows recipient (as a rule - message sent to the guest to the email mentioned in 'Guest Details' tab, but can also show system users if there were test emails sent or system notifications)
  4. Subject: is the email subject set in Email Templates or set by system if it's system notification
  5. Reservation ID: displays the # of booking which email has been sent to
  6. Customer: Display the name of the guest
  7. *View (eye sign): allows to preview the email which has been sent to recipient
  8. Resend: this option allows to resend the specific email if needed.

*Since Emails sent to guests and notifications internally sent to the property can sometimes contain sensitive data, only the users with 'View Previously Sent Emails' permission are allowed to see the eye sign

Please check Roles and Permissions article for furher details under section Permissions > Sensitive & Personally Identifiable Information (PII))

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