System Notification Preferences. Reservation Notifications


On System Notification Preferences page, you may select which system notifications should be sent out and to whom. They include:

  • Reservation Notifications
  • Payment Processing Notifications
  • Drawer Closure Summary Notifications

System Notifications Types and When They are Sent Out

1. Reservation Notification

Reservation Notifications are sent out to email address(es) added as recipient in System Notification Preferences. Check out: How to manage System Notification Preferences

They notify you when there is:

  • New Reservation Received
  • Reservation Cancelled
  • Reservation Modified (modification from OTA)
  • Modification to Reservation with Unmapped Rooms
  • No Shows Auto-Reported to

These notifications will be sent out:

  • when creating/confirming/cancelling a reservation from a system and clicking Confirm and Email Guest / Cancel and Email Guest.
  • on behalf of certain channels (OTAs) only: Expedia,, Hotelbeds, TripAdvisor, Reconline, Agoda), other OTAs are responsible in sending the reservation notification to you.
  • if a booking for an unmapped room is imported
  • for reservations coming from the Booking Engine, mybookings (new reservation received).
  • always in the Property Language.


2. Payment Processing Notification

These notifications are sent out when a transaction is processed on Cloudbeds PMS (if the payment processing is enabled). They include:

  • Payment processed successfully
  • Unable to process payment

These notifications will always be sent out in the Property Language.


3. Drawer Closure Summary

The Drawer Closure Summary is sent out when closing a cash drawer (if the cash drawer is enabled).

The summary will always be sent out in the User's Application Language.


Drawer Closure Summary - - Cloudbeds Mail
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