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Reservations - How to Handle Reservations for Unmapped Rooms


Unmapped Rooms can cause multiple inconveniences and even overbookings.
You must not leave any rooms unmapped in your Cloudbeds account. Check in this article how to handle reservations upcoming from unmapped rooms and how to reduce the possibility of an overbooking if you received one.

If during mapping, the OTA (channel) is set on Cloudbeds PMS with some rooms left unmapped, the system will warn you with a message that we cannot control unmapped rooms in the channel extranet.

If you do not want to sell a certain room on the OTA, you have to delete it from the OTA's extranet.

Check Distribution Channel Mapping Guidelines to properly map your rooms.

If you received a reservation for an unmapped room, follow the instructions below:

The availability in the system won't be correct until all steps below are completed, because the system doesn't know which room to adjust and it could lead to overbookings.

1 - Get the reservation details from the OTA's extranet

  • The system would send you an email with the subject Modification to Reservation with Unmapped Rooms notifying that there has been an OTA reservation received for a room type that is not currently mapped.
  • Search for the reservation on the OTA's extranet using details included in the email.
  • Once found, save all the information related to the reservation and continue with the next step.

2 - Find the reservation on Cloudbeds PMS using the Source Reservation ID

  • Find the reservation by using the Source Reservation ID or guest's name (attached in the email, see previous step).
  • When this reservation enters Cloudbeds PMS, there is not much information imported with it.
  • The room assignment, the check-in and check-out dates, number of guests, number of nights and total price for the reservation will be missing.

3 - Add the reservation details to Cloudbeds PMS

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