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App integration platforms help businesses and organizations improve productivity and streamline their operations by connecting their apps and systems. With those platforms, businesses can easily connect their various apps and systems, allowing them to share data and automate tasks. This helps businesses save time and reduce the risk of errors by eliminating the need to manually transfer data between different apps and systems. Additionally, their platforms are flexible and scalable, making it easy for businesses to connect a wide range of apps and systems, and to add new ones as their needs change. Overall, their platforms help businesses improve productivity, streamline their operations, and get more value out of their existing apps and systems.

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Easy automation, Zapier moves info between your multiple web apps automatically. Send data from your Cloudbeds PMS account to over 1000 apps.
Region: Worldwide
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Char pulls reservations and manages any of the systems listed here once agreed with the property for installation.

Two ways integration is offered for:

PBX: Call charges that are posted to the Cloudbeds folio for in-house reservations and the housekeeping status can also be updated to Cloudbeds via the telephone room by the Housekeeping team.

IPTV: TV charges that are posted to the  Cloudbeds folio for in-house reservations.

Hotspot: Wifi charges that are posted to the  Cloudbeds folio for in-house reservations.

Important Note: Char requires the property to use one of the systems included in this list and requires installation for the Cloudbeds integration that includes the corresponding testing performed by Char team.

Region: Worldwide

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Minut pulls reservation and guest data from Cloudbeds. If loud noise is detected at a property by the sensors set up by Minut, the guest will automatically receive a text message, asking them to keep it down.
Region: Worldwide


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4WiFi will pull your room number and reservations to post charges for the wifi service in your Cloudbeds account. Once you have access to the 4WiFi Platform, you can connect your instance to your CloudBeds property with a few clicks of the mouse. Once connected, we synchronize your Guest WiFi with the guests you have checked in on-site. Most properties allow their guests to authenticate with their Room Number and Surname.
Region: Worldwide

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