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Omniboost Accounting Platform - Everything You Need to Know


Cloudbeds is a partner with Omniboost - an accounting Integration Switch that connects your Cloudbeds account with different Accounting Softwares.

If you have any questions regarding how to setup, modify, or use the app, you can contact Omniboost support team directly:


Omniboost pulls transaction data from Cloudbeds and posts journals to various accounting systems like Quickbooks, M3 and DATEV or Yardi.

Accounting System Functionality Connection Guides Region
Provides features that include invoicing, pay runs, reporting and more.
Quickbooks Integration Worldwide
M3 Synchronize your accounting system and streamline operations with real-time access to all your financial information from one central place
M3 Integration North America
Automate your accounting processes with speed and ease using this secure accounting, personal management and tax consumption software with a focus on the German Market.
Datev Integration Germany
Yardi Omniboost pulls transaction data from Cloudbeds and posts journals to Yardi. Yardi export will be generated in a ready-to-upload format with different frequencies options: Daily, weekly or monthly. More details available here.
Yardi Integration North America (United States)


There is a one-time fee that includes the following services with the Omniboost team:

  1. 30minute Implementation Kick-Off Call
    • Onboarding Introduction
    • Accounting & PMS System Health Check
  2. Onboarding Support
    • Accounting Best Practices Advice by accounting specialist for specific queries
    • Ongoing Email Support
    • Phone Support (based on need and availability)
  3. Import Testing & Accuracy
    • Test File Run(s)
    • Historical data re-sync (if required)
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