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When receiving direct reservations, you may choose to set the status to Confirmed or Confirmation Pending, based on your property Policies.

If everything is ready for the guest's arrival, select the Reservation Confirmed status. In case you need to confirm a payment deposit, pre-authorize the guest's credit card or take any other required action before confirming to the guest, choose to have the Confirmation Pending instead.

The confirmation status does not affect the reservations received from your connected distribution channels/OTAs. It will apply for your booking engine reservations and for the manually created ones in the Cloudbeds PMS.

How to change the Reservation Status by default

  1. Account
  2. Settings
  3. Property
  4. Policies
  5. Select Confirmation Pending
  6. Select your preferred Confirmation Status (confirmed/confirmation pending. More details about each status below)
  7. Save

If you select Confirmed status by default

New reservations will be created with the Confirmed status. Once the booking process is complete, your guests will automatically receive a Reservation Confirmed email.

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For OTA reservations, each OTA is responsible in sending out confirmation emails. You may still use the Compose Message function to send Reservation Confirmed email to your guest if needed. Follow steps: Sending Email From Reservation

If you select Confirmation Pending status by default

New reservations will be marked as Confirmation Pending until a staff member of your property changes the reservation status manually. If the Confirmation Pending option is selected, your guests will receive a Pending Confirmation email.

Auto change status to Confirmed when a payment is added

Turn on to automatically change the status to Confirmed if any payment is added to a reservation that was previously Confirmation Pending. The customer will receive a confirmation email.

You can see this toggle only if you have an active payment gateway connected.

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Check more infofmation here: Confirmation emails/status - FAQ

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