Sending Email From Reservation


Cloudbeds users may send an email to their guests from an actual reservation using the “Compose Message” functionality. The user will be able to select one of the existing templates from the pick-list, or simply start typing the content of the email.

How to send email to the guest from Reservation

1. Go to Reservation (you may access the reservation from 'Reservations' page or by clicking on it from calendar and selecting 'Reservation Details')

2. On top of the screen click on Actions > 'Compose message'

3. The new 'Compose Message' window will be opened . Here you may select whether to send email from template or send a custom message

Currently, only 3 email templates created by the system can be manually sent: Pending Confirmation, Reservation Confirmed and Reservation Cancelled.

Send email from existing template

Existing templates are the templates which are created in the system by default (Reservation Confirmed, Pending Confirmation, Reservation Canceled) or templates created by user on 'Email Templates' page. 

Selecting one of them will populate the data entered in the template selected, however you will still be able to edit the data filled in. Please note that changing the message auto-populated from a template selected in the specific reservation will not affect the existing template.

Learn more on how to create custom templates or edit system emails by accessing this article: Email Template


If you have GDPR enabled on your account and select a template with type 'marketing' then on 'Email Templates' page the system will display whether the recipient is opted-in or opted-out for marketing emails.

If the guest is opted-out and you want to send him a marketing template from within the reservation page, the system will throw an alert asking to remove recipient or send the email anyway:

Send an email with custom text

Selecting 'Actions > Custom message' means that you need to enter text message and email details manually (except for 'Send to' field which auto-populates from your guest details).

You may customize the email by editing the following settings:

1. Send to: It will be auto-populated from Guest Details, but you may edit it if needed. If you have group booking, the system will enter the email of the main guest.

2. Send From: Email address from which the email will be sent.

3. Reply-to: Email address that will be populated in the "To" field when the "Reply" button is clicked on the email

4. CC List: List of all email addresses you want to CC (adresses will see each other emails in message). Separate each email address by a comma.

5. BCC List: List of all email addresses you want to BCC (addresses won't be able to see other emails). Separate each email address by a comma.

Please note: CC and BCC can't be identical

6. Subject: Text that will appear as the subject of the email. To add dynamic content such as the name of the guest or phone number, use the "Insert Merge Tag" picklist.

7. Attachments: Upload any attachments you would like to be included whenever this email template is sent.

7. Content: Enter the text to be sent, use editing options to add merge tags or customize text.

How to track email messages

You have two option to track email messages:

Within Reservation

To check which email you have already sent to the guest, click on 'Email Messages' tab within reservation page. This tab shows all emails for the reservation (sent, delivered, failed, scheduled) and it only includes emails belonging to this reservation.

Please Note: We do not store attachments in email messages tab - If a user click on 'view message' (eye icon), and try to open the attachment, the system will redirect the user to the dashboard.

Email Delivery Log

This tool can show emails sent to all guests - Refer to this article to learn more about this tool: How can I track the activities of e-mail delivery log?

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