Delete an accommodation type

This article will walk you through the process of removing an accommodation type (room type) from Cloudbeds PMS.

Only users with the hotel setup permission will be able to remove accommodation types. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

  • Deleting a room type is not recommended and can cause serious issues.
  • The reservations assigned to this room type must be re-assigned. Their rates will not be updated to reflect the price of the new room type.

Things to note before deleting the room type:

  • If you previously changed your system language after creating your accommodation types, your accommodation titles and descriptions will become blank. You will need to fill out the accommodation titles and descriptions again before being able to delete the accommodations.
  • If your property is connected to a door lock or check in third-party app in our marketplace, make sure to get in touch with the provider and ask them for assistance to delete the accommodation type properly, before performing this change in Cloudbeds PMS.
  • Deleting accommodation type will impact the Reports.

Steps to delete a room type

Step 1 - Delete the room type on OTA / Contact your OTA Account Manager

Reach out to your OTAs account managers and ensure that they are informed that a particular room needs to be deleted on their side. This will eliminate any future bookings in that particular accommodation type.

Step 2 - Re-assign existing reservations (if there were any)
  • Before you delete the accommodation type, re-assign any future reservations of any status (including canceled) assigned to that room type. This includes all reservations with a future check-out date, even when the check-in date is already in the past.
  • If there are no future reservations booked for the accommodation that you wish to delete, no action is required.
  • After the reservations are re-assigned to the new room types, their rates will not be updated to reflect the price of the new room type.
  • Reservations can be re-assigned to a room type that is already sold out for those dates. We are not liable for any room overbookings caused by deleting a room type.
  1. Go through the table and assign each reservation to the new room type.

When re-assigning reservations, you do not need to assign a particular individual room, although assigning to the new ROOM TYPE is mandatory.

  1. Click submit to complete the process. The updated availability will be sent to the channels.
Step 3 - Delete the accommodation in Cloudbeds PMS
  1. Go to Account Settings (gear icon).
  2. Click Accommodation Types.
  3. Click on the room type you want to delete and click 'x' next to the room type.
  1. Click to Continue to confirm the removal.

Deleting an accommodation type will affect your Reports. If the room type has been deleted from the system the occupancy history of the room will also be erased. 

Rooms Sold / Occupancy Report Scenario

Deleting a room type will affect the Rooms Occupied Year column in the Rooms Sold / Occupancy Report.

In the following example, you can see the Occupancy % increased. This occurs because the system is now dividing the amount of rooms occupied by a smaller number of Available Rooms.

  1. Take a look at the first row of January on Image 1. The system calculated (31 Accommodations Booked / 465 Available Rooms) = 6.67% Occupancy

After deleting one Accommodation type which offered 5 dorm beds per night, the total Available Rooms went down to 310.

  1. Take a look at the first row of January on Image 2. The system calculated (31 Accommodations Booked / 310 Available Rooms) = 10% Occupancy

Even though an accommodation type was deleted, and the Occupancy % changed, the number of Accommodations Booked and Revenue remain the same.

To be able to check the amount of Rooms Sold and Revenue generated for those rooms that have been deleted, filter the report by Other room types as shown below:

This will generate a report that shows the Number of Accommodations Booked and how much revenue was generated, but the Occupancy % will be 0.

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