Cloudbeds Booking Engine - How to Sell Individual Accommodations

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine allows guests to select and book a specific, individual room within the room type.

This article explains how to edit the accommodation naming and organization and how to allow guests to book specific accommodations in the booking engine.

Properties with this feature enabled are not eligible for Google Hotel Search connection.

Sell Individual Accommodations in the Booking Engine

Step 1 - Name and Organize your Accommodations
  1. Click on the Account icon
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Accommodation Types
  4. Click on your room type
  1. Click Edit to enter the room name for each individual accommodation
  2. Repeat steps 3-4 for other languages if needed
  1. For Dorm Rooms, organize the beds into Rooms.
  2. Save your changes
  • Re-order individual rooms if needed by clicking and dragging the individual room and/or room title. Note that the order will only reflect on the Booking Engine and the Calendar.
  • Organizing beds into Rooms will apply a line to divide your accommodations in the Calendar. This feature only applies to shared dorms.
Step 2 - Allow Guests to Book Specific Accommodations
  1. Go to the Booking Engine Settings
  2. Select your room type(s) in the Allow guests to book specific accommodations on the Booking Engine option
  3. Click Save

Your guests will now see the following options on your booking engine page:

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