How do I cancel or suspend my myfrontdesk account?


Please follow the instructions in this article to cancel or suspend your myfrontdesk account. 

Please note that the Cloudbeds team is unable to cancel your account for you, but you can cancel it within the system using the instructions below.

Please note the following will happen when the account is canceled or suspended:

  • After your request is processed you will no longer be able to log into the application. Take care to export any data you want to keep before clicking "Confirm account cancellation" or request account suspension
  • All connections to third-party systems will be deactivated
  • All inventory updates to channels will stop
  • You will also need to deactivate the connection to myallocator (Channel Manager by Cloudbeds) from within the channels' extranets
Account Suspension

We understand the need for properties to pause their subscription. For this reason, we allow you to suspend the service and resume it when you are ready without losing any data or information.

  • Please note that suspension is only allowed for up to 6 months and no data will be lost in the meantime
  • While your account is suspended, the system WILL NOT send the scheduled e-mails to your guests

In order to have your account suspended please send an email to our support team at with the following information:

  1. The date of the suspension
  2. The return date

If you are not sure on what date you’ll be ready to come back, we suggest you request the cancellation of your account. This will allow you to come back when you are ready, without any extra charges.

Account Cancellation

1. In myfrontdesk click the user icon and select 'Billing Portal'

2. Click Account > Cancel Account

Read the notification carefully before canceling the account

3. If you have a group of properties under the same Billing account and you would not like to cancel all of them, specify which members of your group you are planning to cancel.

4. Click 'I Agree' to proceed (this action DOES NOT request cancellation immediately).
If you do not want to proceed, click 'Do Not Cancel'.

5. Answer all the questions

6. If it's your final decision, click 'Confirm account cancellation'

You can always re-activate the account by logging in with your credentials to Cloudbeds. You will be redirected to your billing portal where you can re-enable the account.

Deactivate myallocator (Channel Manager by Cloudbeds) with all of your OTAs

This is the most crucial step of all!  If you do not perform this step, you will be unable to manage your rates and inventory on your channel sites.

Contact all of your channels (OTAs) and inform them that you have deactivated myallocator as your Channel Manager.

  • If you do not inform all of your channels that you have canceled myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds), your availability and rates will still be available from the most recent update on your Extranet sites (such as,,, etc)
  • You must cancel the connection to myallocator directly on your channel's extranet before you can manage your rates and availability on the channel again
  • Myallocator cannot disable the connection on the channel side for you.  Only you (as the property owner) can contact the channels to disable myallocator from their side.

If you have questions on how to disable myallocator on the Channel/OTA side - please contact your channel's support directly.


To disconnect your myallocator account from, you must log in to the property extranet and follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your extranet with your property username and password

2. Click on Account
3. Select 'Connectivity Provider'
4. Click to 'Deactivate' the connection

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