Daily Financial Report


The daily financial report is a quick glance at the previous days financial statistics. It is a summary of all the required data management uses on a daily basis from ADR,REVPAR,OCCUPANCY, Total Revenue and much more

Reviewing this report will allow you to:

  •   Track production
  •   See staff errors
  •   Calculate loss of revenue due to discounting
  •   Prepare for the next 2 weeks

You may access Daily Financial Report by

1) Selecting 'Reports' tab

2) clicking Financial Reports

3) clicking 'Daily Financial Report' 

How to Use Daily Financial Report

Occupancy Rate

With occupancy rate chart you may check your availability, occupancy and blocks rate

This chart will show you both certain dates occupancy (1) as well as month to date occupancy (2) 


Total room inventory = 30

1) Availability Formula: Total number of rooms on property minus occupied rooms minus blocked rooms (30-9-4=17 or 100%-30%-13.33%=56.67%),

2) Occupancy Formula: Total number of rooms occupied divided by total number of rooms (9 room occupied / 30 rooms total = 30%),

3) Blocks and Holds Formula: Total number of rooms blocked divided by total number of rooms (4 room blocked / 30 rooms total = 13.33%)

Daily Statistics

This section of the report is where majority of your financial data will be retrieved. Please click on the tool tip ? icon for definition of each category.

Note: Those sections that are in Blue (hyperlink) means that when selected it will re-direct you to the associated report.

Room Revenue

ADR = Average Daily Rate

  • Formula: Room Revenue(room rates + inclusive taxes only) divided by number of room sold
  • Example: Room Revenue ($2453.15) divided by 9 rooms sold (use occupancy graph above) = $272.572222 rounded up to $272.57

REVPAR = Revenue Per Available Room

  • Formula: (Room Revenue + inclusive taxes + additional room revenue) / (Room inventory x date range)
  • Example:  ($2443.71 + $9.43) / 30 = $81.7716666 rounded up to $81.77

REVPAR Room Revenue: Sum of all room revenue earned for that period (Room Revenue + inclusive taxes + additional room revenue)

ADR Room Revenue: Sum of room rates plus inclusive taxes earned that period (Room rates + inclusive taxes only)

14 Day Forecast

Gives you the 14 day forecast of Occupancy, ADR, Revpar, and room revenue so management can plan accordingly

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