How to add Minimum/Maximum Length of Stay to your Base Rates


Depending on your business, a minimum/maximum length of stay is required. See the two options below for setting up your default Minimum and Maximum Length of Stay for your Base Rates.

Things you should know:

  • The reservations will be refused unless the guest agrees to create a reservation for the minimum/maximum length of stay configured here. Also, when adding direct bookings this restriction will be applied.
  • Each channel works differently, so these restrictions may not be applied to certain channels. If you want to apply this restriction to your connected channels, please check this article to confirm if the channel accepts this restriction or not. If you need help or if you do not find your channel on this list please contact our support team at
Option 1 - Availability Matrix

The Availability Matrix allows you to visually update availability for a single day or an entire date range. Please follow the steps below:

For more information about the Availability Matrix, check out this article: Availability Matrix Overview.

  1. Access 'Rates and Availability' menu
  2. Click on Availability Matrix
  3. If you have a long term interval, to set up this restriction click on '+EDIT BY DATE RANGE'
  4. Select the accommodation (you can choose only one or multiple)
  5. Choose Start Date and End Date
  6. Select the days of the week that you want to apply this restriction
  7. Choose 'MinLos/Max Los' option under Interval Settings menu
  8. Add the MinLos/MaxLos required based on your needs
  9. Click to Add Interval

10.   Once you finish, your changes will be highlighted in blue under the Intervals section. Click to Save your changes.

If desired, you can also update this restriction manually. It's recommended when you do not have a long term interval to be updated.

I do not have Min/MaxLOS visible on my Availability Matrix, how do I proceed?

Depending on your default settings, you will not see Min/Max Los options on your Availability Matrix grid. In such cases, under the 'Display Options' drop-down menu, select both as shown below:

Option 2 - Base Rates
  1. Access 'Rates and Availability' menu
  2. Click on Base Rates
  3. Choose the desired room type
  4. Click on 'Add Interval'
  5. Optional - Add the Interval Name
  6. Choose Start Date and End Date
  7. Set your Minimum/Maximum length of stay
  8. Click on Add Interval

If you see the following warning message, it means that you have chosen dates that are overlapping with an existing interval. If you choose to proceed, the existing interval will be modified.

If you agree, click on 'Confirm' and then click 'Save'.

If you want to apply this restriction for your Rate Plans & Packages, visit this article:  How to Add Rate Plans and Packages

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