Marketplace - How to Connect an App to Cloudbeds PMS


This article will walk you through the process of connecting a website or application to Cloudbeds PMS.

Note that Marketplace is available for Premier and Enterprise customers as a part of their subscription.

If you have Cloudbeds Plus or Essentials package, you will need to upgrade your package to use Marketplace.

  1. Click Manage (gear icon).
  2. Under Apps and Integration, select Marketplace.
  3. Search for an app you want to connect, click Learn More.
  1. On App preview, click Connect App.
  • Before connecting the app you need to create an account with the third-party.
  • Click Support Article if you're connecting for the first time to read how to create an account on the third-party, learn about connection process and check the integration details.
  1. Application Authorization page will show you the list of permissions the app wants to access. Click Approve to confirm the connection.

Make sure the property and user logged in is correct before approving the connection.

Connect App as an Organization-level user

Users that are Organization Owners, Organization Admins or Organization Users will not be able to authorize (connect) apps that do not support Organizations (even if they have a second role at property level). Check Marketplace - Troubleshooting for further solution.

On the Application Authorization page, select properties you would like to connect the app and click Continue.

  • Connect all properties — Connect the app to all properties in the Organization. With this option you can also choose Connect future member properties.
  • Connect to specific properties — Connect the app to one or more properties in the Organization.

Make sure the property and user logged in is correct before approving the connection.

Then, click Allow Access to confirm the connection.

  1. When connecting some apps you will need to login to that app to finish the connection:
  1. The application is now connected. You can check it by reloading app page on Marketplace, you will see Login button instead of Connect App:

Check all the apps connected and connection details on Manage Apps page on Cloudbeds PMS:

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