How to change the 'No availability' text on mybookings


When there is no availability for the guest to book a room on your booking engine, there's a message that the system shows to the guest. This article will show you where and how to customize this text.

  1. Click on Manage
  2. Access Customize mybookings' under the Booking Engine section
  3. Scroll down up to 'Customize the text that will appear on the booking page if there is no availability for the dates' section. Add the desired tex
  • If you would like the text translated to the language in which the guest is viewing the bookings page, enter the translation of this text for each language by using the language drop-down on the right side (4)
  • Leaving it empty for that language will show the same text as your main application language.
  • Although you can customize the text, currently,  it's not possible to show the nearest date available to your guests on mybookings

How it looks like on mybookings

  1. Access your booking engine
  2. Click on 'Take me to my booking engine' or click on the URL provided on the same page

When there's no availability for the dates searched by the guest, the message will be displayed as shown below:

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