Customize the No Availability text for the Booking Engine

When there is no availability for the guest to book a room on the booking engine, there's a message that the system shows to the guest. This article will explains where and how to customize this text.

The Cloudbeds Booking Engine is being upgraded to a new version. Learn more: Cloudbeds Booking Engine Plus (November 2023)

Step 1 - Access the text customization field

  1. Go to the Settings page of the Account menu, and click on the Booking Engine section
  2. Click on Customize
  3. Scroll down up to Customize the text that will appear on the booking page if there is no availability for the dates section to add the desired text
  4. Click on Save

Step 2 - Translate your text

For the text to be translated to the language in which the guest is viewing the bookings page:

  1. Enter the translation of this text for each language by using the language drop-down.
  2. Save your changes
  • Leaving the field empty for the additional language will show the same text as your main application language.
  • Although you can customize the text, currently, it is not possible to show the nearest date available to your guests on the booking engine.

Step 3 - Review the new text on your Booking Engine

  1. Click on the Summary tab within the same Booking Engine section
  2. Click on the booking engine URL or click on Take me to my Booking Engine

When there is no availability for the dates searched by the guest, the message will be displayed as shown below.

Users will be directed to this page only if:

  • They have saved an expired URL for dates that no longer have availability
  • They manually change the dates in the Booking Engine URL. For example:
  • They click on expired promo code links or links sent by the property in emails that no longer have availability

Explore more customization options for your Booking Engine here.

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