Create or edit Registration Cards

Registration Cards allow you to have a physical record of a guest's accommodation information for non-digital storage. This article explains how to create or edit your registration cards in Cloudbeds PMS.

Access and use

While your guest's information is also stored electronically in the Reservations section of Cloudbeds PMS, registration cards are also a great way to double-check information or receive details you may not have asked for during the booking process. It also allows you to accept a signed signature from the guest.

To access Registration Cards:

  1. In your Account menu, go to the Settings Page and click on the Guests page
  2. Click on Registration Cards

Edit Registration Cards

Edit Registration Cards

The Registration Cards section allows you to:

  1. Change language and default language when setting Registration Cards
  2. Edit the header image (See more below)
  3. Edit informational fields. Once you click Edit fields you have the following editing options:
    • Drag the different fields to rearrange their order on your Registration Card
    • Modify Registration Cards fields. This option allows to add more fields or remove unnecessary ones.
    • Click on Save to apply your changes.
  4. Add custom text (Terms and Conditions) in different languages, if needed.
  5. Edit footer text in different languages, if needed.

For the header image in the Registration Cards, only jpg, jpeg, png and gif formats are currently allowed.

Change header image

The image must be 600 x 80 pixels. We recommend using a transparent gif or png for the best possible image quality.

  1. Click on ADD IMAGE
  2. Click on Upload Image and then click to browse hard drive and select your image. You can also drag and drop your files in this screen.
  3. Click Done
  4. Save and Continue
  5. Click Save
  6. The new image will appear in the Registration Card header
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