Add or adjust reservation charges

This article will walk you through the steps for adding or adjusting a charge on the reservation folio.


An adjustment can be used to add a discount to the reservation or correct the reservation price, especially if the correction needs to be shown in folio and invoice. Adjustments added should be applied to the specific charge type: Room rate, tax, add-on etc.

Adding an adjustment to a reservation subtracts a specific amount from guest's debit/charge (what guest owes). In Cloudbeds PMS reports, to add an adjustment is a separate type of transaction: In the Transaction Report, it'll be shown under the debit column and is displayed in brackets meaning that the amount is a subtraction.

A charge adjustment doesn't subtract amount from guest's payment specifically. To adjust the guest's payment, add a refund to the reservation instead.

Step 1 - Access the Reservation Folio
  1. Look for the corresponding reservation. You can use the search bar in the Top menu of your Cloudbeds account
  2. Click on the Folio tab
  3. Open the folio to add the payment record
  4. Click Add/Adjust Charge
  5. Click on Adjust Charge

Learn more about the Reservation Folio.

Step 2 - Add the adjustment details
  1. Enter the adjustment amount
  2. Apply adjustment to the charge type (room rate, tax, item etc)
  3. Assign the adjustment to a guest
  4. If you have split folio functionality enabled, select to which folio adjustment will be added
  5. Set the date and time of the adjustment

If you add a correction to the reservation price, double check if the date of adjustment needs to match the date when the charge was added. Not doing this can cause mismatches in reports and revenue numbers especially if you run reports on a daily/weekly basis.


  1. Guest checks in on 1 Jan and should pay$ 100.00 (room rate/debit for Jan 1 equals 100.00).
  2. But before this arrival, you make a correction to this price and adjust 10.00 on Dec 1.
  3. In the report, your revenue for 1 Jan will remain 100.00, but on Dec 1 your revenue will be -10.00, because the system added an adjustment transaction for Dec 1 with the amount -10.00.
  4. To get correct numbers in the report you need to add adjustment, selecting 1 Jan as its date.
  1. Enter notes if needed (optional)
  2. Click Adjust Charge
Step 3 - Review adjustment

The adjustment will appear in folio under the debit column. Numbers are negative, meaning that the amount will be subtracted from the total.

You can void the adjustment by clicking the gear icon, next to the transaction. Learn more here: How to void transactions

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  • Can you please add a feature that will give the promocode option here? We don't have time to do math for adjustments. Can you please make the promocode option available in the charge/billing section before we process the payment? It is not intuitive to have it anywhere else. 

  • Hello, Asharae!

    Thank you so much for posting this great idea!

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