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House Account - Everything You Need to Know


House Account allows you to create one or multiple House Accounts that enable users to register transactions for items that are not connected to any specific room, guest, or reservation.

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How does it work?

Check the following example:

There's a bar at your property that is open to your guests and also to people not staying with you. When someone orders an item that cannot be added to a reservation, or the item is ordered by a person who isn't staying in your hotel, you may add the item to a House Account.

You may also add a refund, adjustment, tax, or room revenue that is not related to any reservation. The table with payments, adjustments, voids, and refunds is very easy to filter and the transactions are displayed in different colors according to their type.

You can filter the data added and export the report generated .

  • You cannot delete a House Account. Users with the specific permission enabled may only close the account.
  • If you have payment processing connected, you can charge or refund the credit card used for a purchase added to the house account.
  • House Accounts is not designed to register accounts payable/supplier payments (water/electricity bills, staff salary, etc).
  • It is not possible to remove saved credit cards from a House Account.
Using House Account and Poster POS Integration

To learn more on how to integrate with Poster, visit their Connection Guide.

If you are using Poster POS integration connected to your Cloudbeds PMS:

  • You can post transactions directly from Poster in the House Account - all orders which were not assigned to a guest will be sent to House Account.
  • As soon as you close an order, it will appear in the House Account - when you close the shift, Poster will close the House Account.
  • If you use cash shifts within Poster, Poster will create one House Account per shift for each location you have created.
    • Example: You have two locations in one account - My Coffee House and My Awesome Bar. Poster creates separate house accounts as shown below:
  • If you don't use a cash shift, Poster will divide your sales by calendar days.

Current Limitation with Payment Processing

If you have a Payment Gateway connected to your Cloudbeds PMS, Poster currently has a limitation when posting transactions paid via Credit Cards.

Poster will post both the debit and the credit on your House Account which can cause duplicated payments.


  • A customer (external guest) orders an item.
  • The property employee takes the order, closes the payment at Poster POS, and chooses credit card as the payment type.
    • Poster will add the debit and the credit on your House Account
  • If the customer wants to pay with credit card, the property employee should charge them through Payment Processing.

To avoid duplicated Payments, you must void the credit posted by Poster and add the payment using  Payment Processing.

Click here to learn how to Void Transactions in House Accounts.

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