Adjustments Report


This report is located in the Financial Reports section. The Adjustment report allows users to view all of the adjustment transactions posted for a specific time period. This report should be very similar to the Transactions Report, but will show only the transactions that are an adjustment.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to ReportsFinancial Reports > Adjustments

2. When opening up the report you can filter by:

  1. Res #, Room #, Guest Name, House Account: Please note you can also leave this section blank to generate a report.
  2. From Date To Date: Use this filter to select the START and END date you want to report to begin/stop
  3. User: This filter can be modified to only show 1 or all users. It defaults to ALL users
  4. Description: In this section, you can select the various payment types/charges that will be used for determining which reservations will appear on the report.
  5. Status: Use this section to select the reservation status you want to generate the report. It defaults to ALL status.
  6. Type: use this filter to sort out different transaction types. Those transaction types are as follows:
    • Reservations - Transactions in a reservation
    • House Accounts - Transactions in a house account
    • Group Profile - Transactions in a group profile (Only if you have Groups feature enabled)
  7. Click on Apply to generate the report
  8. You can send the report by email or export to PDF / Excel

There are 4 types of numbers that can appear under the 'Debit' section:

1. Black-figure within parenthesis: represents a negative adjustment or a discount

2. Normal red figure: represents a positive adjustment or a void on a discount

3. Normal black figure: represents a positive adjustment or a charge

4. Red-figure within parenthesis: represents a negative adjustment or a void on a charge


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