Adjustments Report


This report is under the Financial Reports section. The Adjustment report is to view all of the adjustment transactions created in a specified time period. This report should be very similar to the Transactions Report, but will show only the transactions that are an adjustment.

Getting Started

1. Navigate to Reports > Financial Reports > Adjustments

2. When opening up the report you can filter by:

  1. Res #, Room #, Guest Name, House Account
  2. From Date To Date: Use this filter to select the START and END date you want to report to begin / stop
  3. User: This filter can be modified to only show 1 or all users. It defaults to ALL users
  4. Description: In this section, you can select the various payment types / charges that will be used for determining which reservations will appear on the report.
  5. Status: Use this section to select the reservation status you want to generate the report. It defaults to ALL status.
  6. Click on Apply to generate report
  7. You can send the report by email or export to PDF / Excel


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