Lightspeed (K-Series) - Everything You Need to Know

Lightspeed K has become the flagship offering of restaurant POS from Lightspeed. Tailored for pubs, bars, cafes, bakeries, hotels and both casual dining and fine dining restaurants. Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series is a seamless, intuitive and reliable restaurant management solution trusted by restaurateurs around the world. Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series lets you run your entire restaurant via iPad from anywhere.


  • Easy migration from Lightspeed L version.
  • This integration will save you time by allowing checks to be closed directly to in-house reservations in Cloudbeds
  • There is no need to manually post the checks into Cloudbeds.
  • Create and modify your menu and multiple floor plans in real time
  • Go where your customers are and take orders on the spot while they’re being sent directly to the kitchen or the bar
  • Internet down? Don't sweat it. Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series will continue to process and send orders to the kitchen or bar, and data will sync to your back office once the internet is back up. Thanks to Lightspeed TrueSync serverless technology, your ePOS doesn’t quit
  • Get unrestricted access to over 50 detailed reports (sales reports, product reports, user reports, etc) via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer
  • Manage your employees with a comprehensive suite of tools and integrations available
  • Whether you’re managing one or multiple locations, Lightspeed Restaurant K-Series has the tools to streamline how you operate and minimise complexity
  • Choose from a host of add-ons to further boost your restaurant’s productivity and elevate the customer experience.


  • Full Revenue Sync is currently not available.
  • Connecting locations - During the pilot stage the integration will connect your Cloudbeds location to ALL Lightspeed locations that your Lightspeed user has access to. For this reason we are recommending that pilot customers have a setup where all of your Lightspeed locations are associated with the property in Cloudbeds. This will be improved to allow you to select the exact restaurants you'd like to connect to the location in Cloudbeds.
  • The entire room charge will be posted to the reservation in a single line with a reference number to the check in Lightspeed, there will be no breakdown for each item that was included on the check in Lightspeed.
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