How to void transactions

This article shows you how to void (cancel) transactions that have been made by mistake or with incorrect details in different parts of the system.

Important considerations

  • Payments made through payment gateways cannot be voided. You can only void authorizations. If a payment was processed through a payment gateway you can only refund it.
  • When you void a transaction, it will be removed from the folio and the balance due will be updated. Note that the details of the void will be recorded in the Transactions Report on exactly the day it was done.
  • It is advisable to void a transaction on the same day the transaction is made to make sure your financial reports are correct.

Void transactions in Cloudbeds PMS

In the Reservation Folio
  1. Go to the corresponding Reservation Folio
  2. Click the gear icon next to the transaction you'd like to cancel
  3. Click Void Transaction
  4. Click Void Payment

The void is logged inside the Reservation Activity, and the Balance Due will be updated accordingly:

Learn more about Reservation Folio: Reservation Folio - Everything you need to know

In House Accounts
  1. Inside the House Account, locate the transaction which you'd like to cancel
  2. Click the gear icon next to the transaction
  3. Click Void
  4. Click Continue

The details of the void are displayed in red with the voided amount:

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to void cash payments?

Yes. However, you can only void cash payment within 24 hours of the posting time. If the window time has passed, you would need to create an adjust charge to correct the balance. Learn more in the following article: How to Adjust Charge / Add Adjustment to a Reservation

Is it possible to void a payment made via the payment gateway?

Payments made via a payment gateway cannot be voided, since once the transaction has been settled, it can only be refunded.

When it is not possible to void a transaction?

After the time frame of 24 hours of having posted a charge, it is not possible to void the transaction. Keep in mind that it is not possible to void refund records either.

How do I cancel a scheduled payment?

To cancel a scheduled payment to be processed by the payment gateway, see article: How to Cancel a Scheduled Payment

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