How to Cancel a Scheduled Payment


If you have a payment processor enabled on myfrontdesk you can configure the payment gateway to process the deposit of new reservations coming from your booking engine and certain OTAs on a scheduled date. There might be times when you need to cancel this scheduled payment. In this case, you may follow the steps described below.

Learn more about scheduled payment processing here

Cancelling a scheduled payment

Log into myfrontdesk by Cloudbeds

  1. Navigate to the Reservation and go to the 'Credit Cardstab.
  2. In the 'Details' you can see the Total Charged Pending
  1. To see the pending charge on the folio, filter the transactions by selecting 'Pending'
  2. Click 'APPLY'
  1. Click at the gear button next to the pending payment and click 'cancel'
  1. You will see the warning below advising that once the scheduled payment is canceled it can't be rescheduled. Click 'YES'.

If you need to process the payment at another time you can follow the instructions in this guide: How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway

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