Agoda Errors, Troubleshooting and Frequently Asked Questions


This article will help you understand the reason for the errors you may encounter during or after connecting Agoda to myfrontdesk and how to solve them.

If you can't find the problem you're facing in this list, please contact our support team at You can also reach out to your Agoda Account Manager if you have questions about the Agoda extranet.

To learn how to connect Agoda to myfrontdesk, see article How to connect Agoda to myfrontdesk

Error during the connection process

Agoda Setup Error: The login details you provided are incorrect.


When trying to setup Agoda, you receive this message:


This is caused when your Agoda property ID is not associated with myallocator as your channel manager. Agoda must associate your property ID with myallocator before it can be setup.


You must contact Agoda to have your property ID associated with myallocator - this can only be done by Agoda and must be completed before you can setup Agoda in our system.

Errors during Full Refresh

Rates could not be updated: Some or all rates are above the maximum room rate set by the channel


During a Full Refresh, the following error may appear for Agoda:

Failed: 1114 Rates could not be updated: Some or all rates are above the maximum room rate set by the channel. As an example, please check [?roomname?] with rate [?ratename?], which should be below [?rate?]. To raise the maximum rate login into your Agoda backoffice, go to Settings, Room Settings and raise the rates. (#FAULT.OTA.RATE.TOOHIGH.AGO)

Reasons and Solutions

Reason 1: Limitation due to Minimum Rate on Agoda


There is a setting on Agoda called Minimum Rate. It is set in order to prevent too low of prices being added by mistake or a third party.

If you have set a price on myfrontdesk that is lower than the Minimum Rate set in Agoda, the channel will respond with an error during the Full Refresh.


Go to your Agoda's extranet and check the Minimum Rate for each room type.

You need to:

  1. Either make sure there are no base rates of all room types on myfrontdesk that are lower than the Minimum Rate on Agoda - and if you do, raise the room rates on myfrontdesk. Follow the instructions here: How to Add / Edit Base Rates
  2. Or lower the Minimum Rate of your room types in Agoda.
Reason 2: Rate is too low on myfrontdesk


One of the rates on myfrontdesk is too low.


Check your Availability Matrix on myfrontdesk and make sure there are no rates that are too low (for example, you have set the room rate to 1 USD by mistake).

Follow instructions on how to update your base rates on Availability Matrix:  Availability Matrix Overview

Reason 3:  Mismatch in currency between myfrontdesk and Agoda


In very rare cases the error is caused by a mismatch in the currency between myfrontdesk and Agoda.


Make sure the currency on myfrontdesk and inside Agoda's extranet is the same.

Follow the instructions to set up the currency for your channels on myfrontdesk: How to set up currency for channels

Frequently Asked Questions

Which features does this channel support?

Agoda supports:

  • Cancellations (it means that when a reservation is canceled, your availability will be updated automatically)
  • Modifications
  • Minimum length of stay
  • Maximum length of stay
  • Rate Plan Mapping
  • Close Day (Stop Sell)
  • Close days for arrival
  • Close days for departure
  • Credit Card Information
Agoda Property Collect Information

Myallocator (channel manager by Cloudbeds) and launched its new payment option, Property Collect, where guests pay the property when they arrive for check-in. This feature enables properties to select whether a booking can be pre-paid by, or, if a booking can be paid by the customer at the property. 

Property Collect benefits you by attracting more customers while also being easy to use and equipped with intelligent features.

Going forward, please ensure that you check the payment condition when receiving bookings from Agoda and also inform your front desk staff about Agoda’s Property Collect program.

Can guest information (email addresses, phone number) be included in Agoda bookings?

Per Agoda:

"We will not return guest's contact details via the API or any other way since we are a merchant model that the guest pays Agoda directly.  We do not distribute the contact details to any third party - If the customer needs to be contacted, Agoda's Customer Experience Group will assist the property to contact the guest."

How does Agoda Homes work?

Agoda has two versions of extranet:

  • Hotels (YCS)
  • Agoda Homes (Host Manage)

Agoda uses the same API connection and database for both extranets, which means that the connection process on myfrontdesk is the same for both.

Follow the instructions on how to connect to Agoda: How to connect Agoda to myfrontdesk

 The difference between these two products are:

  1. Agoda Homes: Can have one room type, one rate plan, and one allotment only.
  2. Hotels (YCS): Can have multiple room types, multiple rate plans, and multiple allotments.

For your Information

Agoda Homes Clustering (same as hotel) stands for multi-room/unit vacation rentals.

Example: You have 5 apartment units in the same building which are 2-bedroom apartments (= 2 units) and Studio apartment (= 3 units).

You decide to create a listing as 1 property with 2 room types which are 2-bedroom apartment and Studio apartment and have an allotment of 2 and 3 accordingly.

Single unit/room vacation rentals applies when you decide to create 5 individual listings based on the example above.

Please see below the matrix for each type.

Number of Room Types Number of Rate Plans Allotment Agoda Extranet
Agoda Homes Single Unit  1 1 1 Host Manage
Agoda Homes Clustering (same as Hotel) Multiple Multiple

"Since Agoda Homes can have only one room availability, the channel did not show the quantity in the Calendar on the extranet. Agoda Homes extranet is designed for the individual host so all features will be simplified.

However, Channel Managers can send all the restrictions via API (e.g. min/max length of stay, close to arrival/departure, etc.) but these restrictions will not be displayed in the calendar.

How to send a request to connect to a channel manager?

Log in to your Agoda Extranet and:

  1. Submit the request via Support > Help Center > Contact us
  2. Live Chat function (available 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM Bangkok time)

Once the connection is confirmed by Agoda, please process the room mapping on myfrontdesk. Follow instructions here: How to connect Agoda to myfrontdesk

When connecting Agoda Homes to a Channel Manager:

  • ALWAYS set Instant Booking while connecting to myallocator
  • Do not adjust prices on Agoda's calendar
  • Do not use the calendar sync function
  • Additional fees should upload/update from the Agoda side
  • Advance notice (cut-off day) should set up from the Agoda side.
Is it possible to connect Agoda iCal to myfrontdesk?

Currently, the myallocator and Agoda iCal connection is not compatible. Below you can see an example of an Agoda iCal. Please note the warning message saying that the calendar URL is not supported.

Note that Agoda Homes (described in the above section) and iCal connection (Calendar Based) are totally different.

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Does Agoda send the UPC card data on Epass to Cloudbeds?

No, the UPC (Unique Payment Card or virtual card) data under E-Pass is not sent to Cloudbeds. Agoda requires the property to login to their extranet to obtain the UPC details.

For further information on Agoda UPC payment method, please contact your Agoda Account Manager.

Why a canceled reservation was not updated in myfrontdesk?
  1. Cancellations received after the reservation check-out date will not update the status to 'Canceled' in the myfrontdesk.
  2. Reactivated bookings - meaning, a previously canceled booking that the channel amended back to the status "confirmed" - will not change status in myfrontdesk.
  3. For either case, the property will need to manually adjust the reservation status.
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