Cloudbeds Payments - What should I do when running credit cards is temporarily unavailable?

If you are experiencing the inability to process credit cards due to a processor outage or issues with your merchant account, we recommend storing the card on file to use at a later date. You can still create a seamless experience for your guests and avoid any revenue impact while the issue with your merchant account is being resolved.

Step 1 - Save a Credit Card on File

To ensure you can charge your guest once your merchant account is back up, you can store guest's credit card details in the reservation. Then, you can add any items you need to charge at a later date.

Here is how to add a credit card securely to the desired reservation:

  1. Inside the reservation, click on Credit Cards tab
  2. Click on +ADD CARD
  3. Enter all the card details
  4. Click on Save

Per PCI standards, our system is designed to securely handle credit card data and encrypt the card number to prevent any misuse of the card data.

Step 2 - Process the Payment Later

Once your merchant account is back up, you can charge your guest by following the steps on this article: How to Process Payment Through Payment Gateway

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