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Apps and Integrations - Self-service API


Cloudbeds is continuously working in improving Cloudbeds PMS. We are happy to share with you another enhancement in the system: the Self-service Cloudbeds API for properties. This article walks you through the steps on how to request access.

If you are a commercial technology company, the information in this article doesn't apply to you. Read our Technology Partner API Integration Guide.

Cloudbeds believes every lodging business is unique. We have tools for every size and budget to establish and grow. Reach out to our Hospitality Consultants for more information on each available package.

If you are not yet a Cloudbeds customer, please click here to access our Pricing Guide and schedule a Demo.

This feature can also be purchased as an add-on for Essentials and Plus packages. If you are interested in Self-Service API, follow the guide below.

What is the Self-Service API?

Getting API access allows you to access your account's data programmatically and integrate with your local systems or build extended functionality to advance the guest experience.

API is primarily a self-service feature. It is required that you work with highly experienced developers. If you still need guidance or support after your developer has reviewed and analyzed the documentation here: Property and Group Account API Access you can email us:

Step 1 - Request access to Cloudbeds API

Submit an API Access request by contacting
You may copy the template below and answer to the questions before sending:

Dear support team, please, give me the access to Cloudbeds API, here is my property information:

  1. Describe the use case for which you need API access:
  2. Upload a flow chart that explains the integration flow (optional)
  3. List all API methods you intend to use and briefly describe the purpose*
  4. Name of the app(s) you intend to integrate with Cloudbeds*
  5. Who is building this integration?*
    (Permanently employed in-house developer, A hired freelance developer or a consultant company, Property owner or staff, Friends or Family, Other)

Step 2 - After Getting Access

  1. Access API Credentials setting
  2. Click on +New Credentials
  1. Add a unique name for the API key set (ex. Green Parrot Website Plugin).
    • Provide descriptive context as you may have many API key sets in the future
  2. Add the Integration type
  3. Redirect URI - redirects the user after the authorization step of the third-party application authentication procedure
  4. Save

Now you have your pair of property API credentials.

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