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PayU Latam is one of the many Payment Gateways Cloudbeds connects through the Payment Processing Feature.

Before Starting

If you do not have a PayU Latam account, you will need to sign up for one. Since signing up for a Payment Gateway involves financial details and contract negotiations, Cloudbeds cannot legally create an account for you. Please check the process for each country  in the next section Sign Up Process

If you already have an account with PayU, please continue to the Connection Steps

Please note that the credit card details are stored by the payment gateway and they do not allow customers to view credit card details.

  • For security reasons, PayU store credit card details [on their side]. This is a security feature on the gateway end to prevent frauds. Because of this, if you have a reservation which was charged by the payment gateway A, even if you switch to payment gateway B, all the charges related to this reservation will be done from within the payment gateway A.

Sign Up Process


Follow the process through the dedicated registration link:


Follow the process through the dedicated registration link:


Please send your registration request directly by email to PayU Country Manager, Ana Laguna (


Follow the process through the dedicated registration link:


Follow the process through the dedicated registration link:


Follow the process through the dedicated registration link:


Please inform your Cloudbeds Market Manager or our support team ( that you are interested in opening an account with PayU.

Connection Steps

You must have Payment Processing feature enabled on your account. If you don't have it, please contact our our Hospitality Consultants at

  1. Click the gear icon (Manage)
  2. Go to Payment Options
  3. Under Connect Payment Gateway, toggle the button to Activate
  4. Select PAYULATAM from the drop-down list
  5. Enter your PayU Merchant ID
  6. Enter your PayU Account ID
  7. Enter your PayU API Login
  8. Enter your PayU API Key
  9. Select your PayU Account Country from the drop-down list
  10. Click Connect Gateway
  11. While in Test Mode, you can verify if the gateway is successfully connected and check that the transactions are coming through correctly. When you are ready to start processing real transactions, you can switch to Live Mode.
Retrieve your PayU Credentials
  1. Login to your PayU account and write down your Account Id from the first page
  2. Click on Configuration to find the remaining information
  3. Write down your API key, Api login, and Merchant ID


Billing Address Requirements

These settings are only related to reservations made via the booking engine or myfrontdesk. Different OTAs may have different settings regarding billing details. Read more here.

  • Require billing address (...) using the booking engine
  • Require billing address (...) from within the application
  • Require billing address (...) to an existing reservation
  • Use Guest Details as Billing Details when information is not available.

Afer that, please make the following fields as required based on your country

Billing Details AR BR CL CO MX PA PE


Date of Birth

ID Number

Tax ID

Address 1

Address 2




Postal Code

E-mail Address

Phone Number

Supported Currencies and Requests per Country
Argentina Credit: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, Diners
Debit: Mastercard, Visa

Brazil Credit: Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa, Elo and Hipercard BRL, USD

Chile Credit: Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa CLP

Colombia Credit: Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa COP, USD

Mexico Credit: Amex*, Mastercard, Visa
Debit: Mastercard, Visa

Panama Credit: Mastercard, Visa USD

Peru Credit and Debit: Amex, Diners, Mastercard, Visa PEN, USD

  • *Authorization can only be done in local currency. For example, if your PayU account is set up in Peru and uses Peruvian Pesos and your myfrontdesk account is set up to charge in USD -  you will not be able to use the Authorize function. You will still be able to use the Charge function.
  • Other payment methods may be supported by PayU Latam but are currently not supported by Cloudbeds.

More details


  • Charge without CVV is not available for VISA branded cards and a manual process must be done from PayU to enable it for the other brands.
  • If an Authorization is not voided or captured, guest must wait up to 20 days for the amount to be released.
  • Mastercard does not support void for pre-authorizations.


  • If an Authorization is not voided or captured, guest must wait up to 20 days for the amount to be released.
  • Partial refund is not allowed for Hipercard cards.


  • If your property is set up to use USD in myfrontdesk, PayU will not work. In Chile, PayU only accepts transactions in CLP.


  • Multiple partial refunds cannot be sent. If you refund partially a transaction, you will not be able to refund the remaining amount.


  • Multiple partial refunds cannot be sent. If you refund partially a transaction, you will not be able to refund the remaining amount.
  • Pre-authorizations cannot be voided in Mexico. The banks do this process automatically and the guests must wait up to 8 days for the amount to be released.
  • Pre-authorizations are not available for American Express branded cards.


  • Charge without CVV and Pre-Authorization: A manual process from PayU must be done to enable these features for Mastercard, Amex and Diners branded cards. Please contact PayU support.
  • Pre-Authorization: For Visa branded cards, If an Authorization is not voided or captured, guest must wait up to 22 days for the amount to be released.
  • For Mastercard, Diners or Amex, if the transaction is not voided or captured after 27 days, the transaction will be captured automatically and PayU does not send an update for the transaction.

Refer to this article to know how to set up credit card as a payment option: How to set up the Credit Card payment option

Charging Credit Cards for OTAs Reservations

Each OTA may require more or less information from the guest in order to make a reservation. In order to charge their credit cards without risk of fraud, PayU requires as much information as possible. In this section we will provide some more details about it. does not require any billing details for credit cards. Also, it will only require the guest's mailing address if you set up your policies accordingly. Please review your's settings to require Address and CVC (Security Code) for every reservation. 

Guest's Address

  1. Login to your extranet and click on Property > Policies
  2. Under Guest Information, click on Edit
  1. Under Guest Information make sure you select No for both questions below and save.

Credit Card Security Code

Also, make sure is requesting the CVV (Security code) for the credit cards. To check, contact their support team.

Often, the default setting is to not send CVC codes, especially if your property is recently listed on If that's the case, and you need the codes for your business operations, contact the Connectivity team by sending a message through your Extranet Inbox.

For more details, please read this Help Article

If you are getting errors, please check the following article: PayU Latam - Troubleshooting

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