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Compsets are lists of similar properties, with which your property competes for business, typically within the same geographical location and similar star rating.

This article offers an overview about Compsets, and how to create, edit delete them.

How Compsets work

One of the primary functionalities of PIE is creating and maintaining compsets.

After you select which properties should appear in your compset, we obtain data from the indicated OTAs such as Expedia, Booking.com or Hostelworld (or others), and provide the rates for the selected room type.

We then take these to determine the high and low prices for each competitor.

Things to note:

  • Currently, compset information is updated every 24 hours based on the time the compset was created.
  • Rates for the following 90 days (rolling) are displayed after each refresh
  • You can create 3 compset(s). Each compset can contain up to 5 properties.
  • The system will search for competitors only within the country of your property, which is set on the Property Profile page

Managing Compsets

Create a New Compset
  • Before creating compsets make sure to select your property's Accommodation Type that will be considered the base room type for your property to be displayed in the Rate Shopper's Selected Accommodations view.
  • Remember: A maximum of 3 compsets are allowed to be created on PIE.
Step 1 - Create the Compset
  1. Starting from the PIE section of your Main Menu, click on the Compsets page
  2. Click on Create Compset
Step 2 - Add Compset Details and Properties (Competitors)
  1. Enter Compset Name (there are no restrictions for the format of the name field).
  2. Click Search. This will open the modal where you may search for competitors.
  3. Enter property name you want to add to that compset
  4. Click Search.
  5. Click Add next to the property you want to add.
  1. Select the channel you want to shop for this competitor
  2. Click Submit
  • Select the specific room type to pull information from when editing the compset.
  • For more information about the channels that our Price Intelligence Engine can pull data from, click here.
  1. Once you finish adding the competitors from the list, close the list
  2. Click Save
Step 3 - Review your Compset

On the Compset page, you may now see the list of properties added (10), their address (11), accommodation type (12), and channel (13) from which data will be pulled from.

As far as we have room types available for PIE, it is possible to compare room types from the same competitor.

It takes some time to retrieve the data for properties within your compset. Once all the data has been retrieved, you will see it display on the Rate Shopper page.

Activate/Deactivate an existing Compset

After the compset has been created, it is possible to activate/deactivate it.

Enable or disable an existing compset by clicking on the right-side toggle, next to the corresponding compset.

  1. When active, the compset status will be marked in green color as shown below:
  1. When inactive, the compset status will be marked in gray color (blocked):
Edit a Compset
  1. In the corresponding Compset to be edited, click on the Gear icon, and click on the Edit option:

While editing a compset, it is possible to:

  1. Change the compset name
  2. Search and add more properties

It is possible to add a property, only if there are less than 5 properties already in the compset

  1. Select the accommodation type for a specific competitor
  2. Change the channel to pull data from
  3. Remove the compset
Delete a Compset

After deleting, compset data will no longer be visible to the property. To delete a compset:

  1. Click on the Gear icon of the Compset to be deleted, and click Delete
  2. The system will show a message, asking to reconfirm the action. Click on Delete to proceed, or click Cancel to go back to the Compsets page

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I add a third compset?

When there is a competitor’s name queued to be added to an existing compset, this queue is taking up the space that would be for the third compset. Once the queue is cleared, the third compset creation is made available again.

What if I can't find the property I'm looking for?
  1. If you don't see the property you're looking for, request it by clicking on the corresponding link, as shown below.
  2. Fill out all the requested property details
  3. Click Submit

It may take up to 72 hours for the requested property to be added.

You will see the list of the requests and their statuses on the Compset page under the Property Requests section:

After verification, the requested property will be added to the database, and you will be notified about it. The next step would be to add this property to your compset.

How can I change the order of my Compsets?

To change the order of compsets, access the Compsets page, and simply drag them by their names (1) to the preferred order (2):

Why can't I delete a specific compset?

When a compset cannot be deleted, the Active/Inactive toggle appears as grayed-out, and the system shows the alert below. It explains that it is not possible to delete it because it is included in the PIE compset rules

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