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Cashless payments, payment processing, payment plans, financing, and gift card platforms help businesses and organizations easily and securely accept payments, offer payment plans, and sell gift cards to their customers. Businesses can accept a wide range of payment methods, including cashless payments, mobile payments, and online payments. These platforms also allow businesses to offer payment plans and financing options to their customers, providing a convenient way for customers to pay for their purchases over time. They allows businesses to sell and manage digital and physical gift cards, providing a convenient way for customers to purchase and redeem gift cards. Additionally, they provide powerful fraud protection and security features to ensure the safety of transactions, and their payment processing services are fast and reliable, allowing businesses to quickly and easily access their funds. These types of payments are user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for businesses to integrate and use our platform, and for customers to make payments, enroll in payment plans, and redeem gift cards. Overall, they help businesses increase sales and customer satisfaction by providing a convenient and secure payment, financing, and gift card experience.

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App Name Status Guides/Contact Description

Gift Up!

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Integration Guide

Gift Up! pulls reservation data from Cloudbeds PMS with the purpose of redeeming gift cards. When a guest arrives at reception, they may have a Gift Up issued gift card. The balance of the gift card can be checked and applied to any reservation before check-out. Any redeemed balance is recorded in the folio under the automatically created 'Gift Voucher' custom payment method.
Region: Worldwide

Live Sign up
Integration guide
(Cashless Payments)
PouchNATION pulls confirmed reservations from Cloudbeds for the purpose of assigning wristbands (cashless payments) to guests. Both pre-paid and post-paid items are posted into the reservation folio. PouchNation can also void items previously posted into the Cloudbeds PMS reservation folio.
Region: Asia, LATAM
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