Toast - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can one Toast restaurant be connected to two or more Cloudbeds properties?

No, one restaurant can be connected to one Cloudbeds property. Though, multiple Toast restaurants can be connected to the same Cloudbeds property.

2. Can I void the POS items posted into the Folio from the  Cloudbeds PMS?

POS items must be voided only from Toast. Once voided in Toast, they will be removed from the Cloudbeds folio as well. Items can be voided only from In-House reservations.

3. Can POS items be linked to meal periods - like breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Currently Cloudbeds does not support meal periods. All POS items will be posted in the reservation folio.

4. What happens if an item is renamed?

Cloudbeds will keep the original name of the item in order to maintain the historical record of the item. In such cases, we recommend you to create new items when the item name requires changing.

5. Which reservations will show in Toast?

You can search by Guest name and by room number in your Toast app. The system will show all guests listed in a reservation and all rooms part of a reservation as long as the reservation status is In House.

6. Can we search by part of the name?

Yes, the search both by room number and by guest name works on “any In House reservation that contains XXX” . For example, searching for “1” will return room DOU(1) and searching for “iva” will return guest Ivan Diaz.

7. Can a check payment be split between cash/card and room charge?

Yes, that is possible and you can make as many separate payments to the check as you wish as long as there is only 1 room payment and that the room payment is the last payment made to zero-out the check balance. 

If there is still a balance due on the check after the room payment was done the room charge will be rejected by Cloudbeds.

8. Can a check be split between two rooms?

If you wish to split a check between 2 rooms please use the functionality to split the check and post each of the newly created checks to the desired room. You can not split the payment of one check to more than one room. Please ensure you do not split items from the check into portions that are not whole numbers - i.e. if you split a salad into 3 and charge ⅓ of a salad to a room the payment will not be accepted by Cloudbeds.

9. Can I post a check to a specific folio?

If you wish the Toast items to go to a designated folio you have to configure this via the Split folio function by selecting in which folio Toast charges should go.

10. How to solve the following error: "The application is not connected on the partner side. Please follow the partner instructions and connect to Cloudbeds"?


In the connection process to this app, customers may overlook or incorrectly configure the property ID in the Location ID field on Toast's side. This can lead to the following error message in Cloudbeds Marketplace.

6a3882a5-6b51-4d83-a608-24dd865c8086 (482×413) - Google Chrome


  1. Disconnect the Toast integration following these instructions.
  2. Reconnect the Toast integration within the Cloudbeds marketplace following these instructions.
  3. Within the Toast marketplace, remove the property ID from the Cloudbeds app and save.
  4. Wait about 5 minutes for settings to take place.
  5. Re-add the property ID into the Cloudbeds app in the Toast marketplace and save.
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