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Toast - How to Connect


Toast allows to manage all on-prem and off-prem order sources in one system. Use restaurant-grade hardware that’s 3x faster than competitors. You can also integrate your FOH and BOH to reduce ticket times by up to 40%.


  • One restaurant can not be connected to more than one Cloudbeds property
  • Checks with items with quantities that are not whole numbers are not accepted as Room charges and will display null values in the Full Revenue Sync feature

The integration has to be initiated from both sides in order to connect Toast and Cloudbeds. First, follow the steps below in Toast App:

  1. Log in to the website version
  2. Integrations
  1. Browse and purchase integrations
  1. Find Cloudbeds and click Add Now.
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  1. Select Locations
  2. Confirm
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  1. Please ensure that under Location ID you populate the correct Cloudbeds property ID.
  2. Apply

It is important to enter the correct property ID under Location ID, otherwise the integration will not work and removing this ID will break the connection.

You can connect one or more restaurants here.

Please ensure that the payment option linked to Cloudbeds is named Room Charge, otherwise the connection will show within Cloudbeds with status Not completed Set up on Toast side:

  1. Access Payment Options
  2. Make sure you have Room Charge configured here
  3. Here is it's set up example

Once the above steps are completed, please proceed with the following steps in your Cloudbeds PMS account:

  1. Account
  2. Apps & Marketplace
  3. Select the Toast app
  4. Connect App
  1. Select the properties you'd like to connect with Toast
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  1. Click CONTINUE
  2. Navigate to SETTINGS
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