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Whistle Team Chat - How to Manage your Internal Communication


Manage your internal team communication from within Whistle for Cloudbeds Team Chat tab. Allows users to create channel(s) with multiple users to be notified anytime someone in the channel sends a message.

Team Chat is included in the Engagement Essentials package.

Create Channel

  1. Go to the Team tab
  2. Select Team Chat
  3. Click # Create Channel
  4. Type in your Channel Name
  5. Select the Users you wish to be apart of your channel (group message)
  6. Click Confirm
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Send Message

  1. Click the Channel you wish to send a message to
  2. Type Message
  3. Click Send
  1. To add additional users, select +people icon
  2. To delete channel select trash can icon
  3. To delete user from channel, hover over user and select the trash can icon (Super Admin Access Required)
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Direct Chat

Allows users to directly message other users privately 1-on-1.

  1. Select Direct Chat
  2. Click the User you wish to send a message to
  3. Type Message and Send
  • Only you and the other user can view conversation history
  • Dot color next to the user name notifies you if they are online
    • Green - Online
    • Grey - Offline
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome

Delete Channel

You can delete a channel by clicking on the trash icon, but you cannot archive a team chat.

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