Whistle - Post to Folio Integration With Cloudbeds PMS Reservations

Post to Folio Integration allows for posting of both paid and unpaid Upsell Orders to your Cloudbeds Reservation folio.

Learn more about upsell orders here: How to Create Upsell Categories, Products, and set Design.

This feature requires Engagement Plus package.


By default, an Upsell Order has one of the following statuses:

  • not posted;
  • posted;
  • voided.

Typically, this is manually managed in Whistle to allow for tracking which orders the property staff have posted to the Cloudbeds PMS folio.

How the Post to Folio Integrations works

Once an order has been placed by a guest, that Upsell order can be added to the Cloudbeds folio via the Post to Folio button or when Fulfilling an order.

A Cloudbeds reservation must be assigned to the order, and this will create a charge(s) to the Cloudbeds Reservation folio for each line item in the order.

Both paid and unpaid orders can be posted to a Reservation folio.


Taxes are set in Whistle in Upsell > Settings, or at the Upsell > Products level.

When a charge is created in Cloudbeds the taxes are added at the item level (each product purchased has taxes assigned). Taxes are labeled as Sales Tax.

Delivery Fees

If you have Delivery Fees enabled (configured in Upsell > Settings), the delivery fee is added as a line item to the Cloudbeds Reservation folio. Additionally, taxes are calculated for the delivery fee.


If you have Tips enabled (configured in Upsell > Settings), tips are added as a line item to the Cloudbeds Reservation folio.

How to add an Upsell Order to Cloudbeds

  1. Confirm the correct Reservation is assigned to the Upsell Order
  2. Select Post to Folio or Fulfill

How to automatically post to folio

Upsell orders can be automatically posted to Cloudbeds if a valid Reservation is detected for the customer when placing an order. To enable this, navigate to Upsell > Settings.


If a guest requests a cancellation, or an item was ordered and isn't available, you need to cancel or refund an order. When an order is canceled or refunded the following occurs:

  • All Admin users receive a cancellation/refund Order email notification
  • The guest receives an order cancellation/refund email.

Cancel or Refund options will be available for an Order depending on the payment method for the Order. Room Charge orders do not have any payment captured, and are able to be cancelled. Credit Card orders already have payment captured, and must be refunded or partially refunded.

Room Charge Void

When a room charge is voided, the charge(s) for the order are completely removed from the Reservation folio.

Credit Card Refund/Partial Refund

When a credit card order is refunded or partially refunded the following occur:

  • If a full refund is issued. The charge(s) for the order are completely removed from the Reservation folio.
  • If a partial refund is issued. The charges are removed from the folio, and a new charge is added to the folio with an additional line item for the refunded amount (a negative amount).

Remove from Folio

At any time, the Remove From Folio button is available. This will remove the charge(s) from the Reservation folio. This can be used in the event of an incorrect reservation specified or any other need.

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