Whistle for Cloudbeds Integration - RemoteLock Connection Guide

Whistle for Cloudbeds can integrate with your RemoteLock account to automatically send access pin codes to guests.

This integration will sync with your RemoteLock account to create access pin codes in the guest profile and create or revoke access pin code access to your guests. Additionally, you can schedule automated messages to automatically send access pin codes to your guest.


  1. Navigate to the Company
  2. Click on Integrations tab
  3. Scroll down to the Digital Keys section, and select Enable for RemoteLock, and click View Settings
  1. Click Add Connection
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Device Mapping

Reservation Room names may be different than your Lock/Device names. Use the Device to Door Name Mapping settings to assign Room Names to the Lock/Device.

  1. After connecting Whistle for Cloudbeds to RemoteLock, click the edit (pencil) icon to edit the settings.
  2. Enter the name of the Reservation Room Name used in Whistle for Cloudbeds for each Lock/Device. Multiple text values can be used.
  3. Click Confirm

You can use the last 4 digits of the Guests phone number as the pin code. If no phone number, a random pin is generated.

Create Access Codes

  1. Access an open message
  2. Expand the Digital Key section in the guest profile
  3. Click Create Access Code
  4. Select guest room number under Door
  5. Select the Start/End Date and Time of guest access
  6. Click Confirm
How to integrate with RemoteLock - Google Chrome

Send Access Code

Through a chat

  1. Click the Arrow next to the digital key to send
  2. A templated message will appear in your message box with code details to edit as needed, click Send

Through the Guest App

If you have the Guest App feature, you can enable the integration to RemoteLock in the Guest App Home Page settings.

Once you generate an access code, your guest will have access to it on their home page through the Digital Keys button:   

Revoke Access Code

  1. Click the red Trashcan next to the digital key to remove
  2. Confirm action to revoke key code
How to integrate with RemoteLock - Google Chrome

Automate Access Pin Codes

If you plan on sending multiple automated messages with the remote lock variable, allow at least 1 minute between automated messages that contain the remote lock variable.

Automating access using Whistle Automated Messages performs the following:

  1. A random access pin is generated
  2. The access is created based on Room name on the Reservation
  3. The access is set for the reservation dates of stay and the access times are based on your RemoteLock account.

Create an Automated Message with RemoteLock Pin Variable

  1. Go to the Automation tab inside Whistle, and create an automated message. Check the following article to learn more: Whistle Automated Messages - How to Manage
  2. Type your message and include variable -> reservation -> RemoteLock Pin
  3. Click Create

Recommended Message Text

To unlock your door for room {{room_number}}, enter the access code: {{remotelock_pin}} followed by the "#" key. To lock the door, press the "*" key twice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create the access pin in RemoteLock when using an Automated Message?

No, Whistle for Cloudbeds will automatically create a new access code for the guest using their Reservation Arrival/Departure dates and the default Guest start/end times.

If a Guests changes rooms, will their access pin work still?
  1. Create an Automated Message using the Reservation Room Changed recipient type
  2. Set the Automation Type to RemoteLock Update Access Pin. This will update their access pin to allow access to the new room.
If a Guest extends their stay, will the access pin be updated?

No, we are currently working on an Automation to support this.

If a Guest checks out early, will their access be revoked?
  1. Create an Automated Message in Whistle using the Reservation Checked Out recipient type.
  2. Set the Automation Type to RemoteLock Revoke Access Pin. This will revoke their access on Check Out.
What are the supported locks?

RemoteLock supports the following:

  • acs_door, lock
  • thermostat
  • power_plug
  • zwave_lock
  • schlage_home_lock
  • acs_elevator
  • acs_elevator_floor,
  • connector_lock
  • igloo_lock
  • resort_lock
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