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Whistle Tickets - How to Start, Use, Complete or Cancel a Ticket


This feature requires Engagement Plus package.

Access Tickets

  1. Go to the Tickets tab inside Whistle
  2. Click the Open folder
  3. Select Ticket you wish to open
  1. Click Start at the top right of the side bar or underneath ticket status
Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  1. Click Complete at the top right of the side bar or underneath ticket status, or
  2. Click Cancel at the top right of the side bar

Ticket Chat

  1. Select Comments tab within the ticket
  2. Type Message
  3. Click Send

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I revert a ticket status that was accidentally changed from Start to Complete?

In My Tickets page,

  1. Select the ticket you want to revert and click on it to open details

The ticket details will open in a side window:

  1. Click to edit the Assignee
  2. Select No Assignee
  1. The status will go back to Start
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