Whistle Tickets - Everything you Need to Know

Tickets allow you to track and manage requests, tasks, and issues related to your guest services and property management to ensure that guest needs are addressed promptly and efficiently.

On the Tickets page , you will find the following:

  • Tasks - Requests/Work Order
  • Checklists - Admin Created Checkmark To-Do List
  • Inspections - Admin Created Daily Review (Pass, Inspect, Fail)

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Getting Started

Step 1 - Assign departments to users on the Company page

Ensure all users have their assigned department on the Company page so the correspondent user section gets notified when their department receives a ticket.  Click here for more information on departments.

Step 2 - Create Checklists

  1. Go to Tickets
  2. Open the checklist settings
  3. Click to create
  4. Click to import or fill in the checklist details
  5. Click to create


Step 3 - Create Inspections

  1. Go to Tickets
  2. Open the Inspections settings
  3. Click to create
  4. Click Import or fill in the inspection details
  5. Click to create


Step 4 - Assign task types to your users

Manage the types of Tasks that can be created for each Department:

  1. Open the Inspections settings
  2. Add task types or
  3. Delete task types available for your users

Step 5 - Create ticket escalation rules

Manage ticket escalation notifications and create custom escalation rulesets.

  1. Open the Ticket Escalation settings
  2. Click to add  
  3. Select the rule settings
  4. Select the rule triggers
  5. Select the trigger type and save
  6. Save the whole settings, too.


Step 6 - Create/Schedule Tickets

  1. On the Tickets  page, open the Tickets tab
  2. Click to create
  3. Select the type of ticket: task, checklist or inspection
  4. Enter title
  5. Choose the task type
  6. Assign the ticket to a user
  7. Assign a priority
  8. Select the room
  9. Add a description
  10. Schedule the start and due dates
  11. Select when you want to repeat the ticket
  12.  Click to create


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