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Whistle Tickets - Everything you Need to Know


Tickets allows users to create, dispatch, and track tickets for the property including:

  • Tasks - Requests/Work Order
  • Checklists - Admin Created Checkmark To Do List
  • Inspections - Admin Created Daily Review (Pass, Inspect, Fail)

This feature requires Engagement Plus package.

Step 1 - Create Rooms

Step 2 - Set User Departments

Make sure all users have their assigned department in the Company. User section to get notified when their department receives a ticket. Click here for more information on departments.

Step 3 - Create Checklists

Click here to learn how to create checklists

Step 4 - Create Inspections

Click on the following link to learn How to Create Inspections

Step 5 - Edit Task Types and Create Escalations

Click here to learn more about task types and escalations

Step 6 -  Create/Schedule Tickets

Check the following article to learn How to Create/Schedule Tickets

View Analytics / Export Reports

Click on the following link to learn How to View and Export Tickets Analytics

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