Manage and use your Whistle tickets

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Manage and use Tickets

On the Tickets mceclip2.png page, you will find the following tabs:

My Tickets

  1. Search for tickets as you prefer
  2. Create a new ticket
  3. Check the upcoming tickets details
  4. Complete or cancel a ticket


  1. Check all the open tickets in the view 
  2. Click to open the ticket details
  3. Click to start the ticket
  4. Click to  when finished


Completed tasks will be listed on this page.

  • You can filter your tickets to search.
  • You can always click to  it.
  • You can also set the ticket back to no assignee on the tab, and the status will be changed to Start again.



The scheduled tickets will be listed on this page.

  • You can filter your tickets to search
  • You can access the ticket to start or cancel by clicking on it.

Use the Ticket Chat

Each ticket will also have a chat available for communication. To use the Ticket Chat:

  1. Go to the Comments tab within the ticket
  2. Type your message
  3. Click to send


Use Tickets Log Sheets

Ticket Log Sheets allow you to keep track of requests or guest outreach. You can export those sheets for your front desk operations or any other relevant need. 

Access the Tickets Logs on the Tickets mceclip2.png page, where you can:

  • Update columns
  • Add entries
  • Filter by each date
  • Export the log sheet for .csv file.


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