Whistle Company Page - How to Manage Guest Chat Folders

Admins can set the default folders for the Guest Chat tab, as well as manage folders by adding/removing them from the platform.

Getting Started

  1. Go to the Company tab inside Whistle
  2. Select the Guest Chat Folders section
  3. Under Add Folder, Enter new Folder Name
  4. Click Submit

Edit Default Folder

Under Default Folder, click the arrow to select your Default Folder.

New messages without a folder will automatically be added to this folder.

Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome


Click the X button next to the guest chat folder name to remove

Whistle Messaging - Google Chrome
  • Users must have this specific folder permission to have access to the chat folders created in Whistle.
  • The folder permissions need to be added to each user in the system according to the folders their roles should have access to.
  • You may add Guest Chats Folders to each user in the Users page:
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