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Thai Reports - TM30 and RR4


TM30 Report will help you to prepare documentation according to the Thai immigration department rules set for hoteliers to notify if any foreigner or non-Thai nationals stay at your property.

RR4 Report is designed for hoteliers in Thailand who need to submit international guest information to their nearest police station for verification.

This report is available for all the properties located in Thailand.

Guest Details

Complete the following fields under the THAI TM30/RR4 REPORT section of the Guest's Reservation Details and any other guest details required for the report:

All the fields are optional.

Generate the Report

  1. Click Menu.
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Click Government & Police Reports.
  4. Select the needed report.
  • Thai TM30 - Today - shows check-ins of the non-Thai nationals from today.
  • Thai TM30 - Yesterday - shows check-ins of the non-Thai nationals from yesterday.
  • Thai RR4 Report - Today - all guest information for the guests who have checked-in earlier today.
  • Thai RR4 Report - Yesterday - all guest information for the guests who checked-in yesterday.

Report example and functionality

The reports are based on the Check-in dates, hence it excludes No Show and Cancelled reservations.

  1. View type: Table or Chart (is not available for this report).
  2. Filters
  3. Properties - allows Multi-Properties to choose which properties to include in this report.
  4. AND/OR - AND is pre-selected, it means that all of the rules need to be met.
  5. CHECK-IN DATE - filter by the custom date or by the relative dates offered.
  6. THAI TM30 NATIONALITY - filter whether you want the report to include Thai residents.
  7. RESERVATION STATUS - filter by the reservation status, No-show and Cancelled are not included by default.
  8. Click RESET if you want to cancel the filter.
    Click APPLY if you want to use the filter you set.
  9. Update the page if you think that more data may be available since you opened the report.
  10. Export the report.
  1. Chose the Export View and Format.

At the moment you can only use Export View: Details Only ; Format: XLSX

  1. Click Export.
Miho's second test property - Thai TM30 - Thai TM30 - Yesterday - Google Chrome

Once you have exported the file, you need to put header name in the first column "No" and change the date format to mm/dd/yyyy (at present it is yyyy-mm-dd). This will be fixed in the near future.

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