Police Report - Italy

All properties in Italy must report their checked-in guests to the Police Department on a daily basis via a dedicated portal.

These steps tell you how to create the Italian Police Report and download the required data to be sent via the Italian Police Portal.

Mandatory Guest Details

Complete the following fields under the Guest's Reservation Details:

  • Guest type - Choose from single guest, head of a family, head of a group, member of a family, member of a group.
  • Place of birth - Select country:
    • If the place of birth is Italy, a Municipality is required. Start to type the city name to select municipality.
  • Nationality - Nation where the guest is currently a citizen.

Under the Guest Document section, If the Document Issuing Country is Italy, the system will display an additional Municipality field:

Generate the Report

  1. Click Reports
  2. Italian Police Report
  • The report is for the guest's check-in date. You can only generate a report for Today's date or Yesterday date.
  • The report excludes No show and Canceled reservations statuses.
  1. Apply Filters:
    • Date - Today or Yesterday
    • Show missing field only - This toggle shows if records are missing information, and what information is missing.
  2. Click Apply to display and verify your data
  3. Click Export
    • TXT is the only format option as it is in the predefined format of the police.
    • Save the report in your device
  4. Click on Link to police portal to upload your report to the Italian Police Portal
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