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Guests Tab - Everything You Need to Know


The Guests tab shows all of your customer's data such as revenue, personal details, notes, and any documents that you have attached to a specific guest.

This article offers a general overview of the Guests tab of your Cloudbeds PMS.

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Access the Guests tab

On this page, you also have a drop-down button which includes Guest Data Extraction and Anonymize Guest Data options due to GDPR Compliance.

  1. Click on the main Menu
  2. Click on the Guests tab

Guests tab Filters

Filter by:

  1. New or Repeat guests
  2. Guest Country
  3. Check-in Date
  4. Check-out Date
  5. Guest Status
  • Once all the corresponding filters are selected, click on Apply to show your guests matching the selected criteria.
  • Click on Clear to remove all the selected filters, if necessary

Guest tab Tools and Information

  1. Filter Duplicates by Email - Search for all occurrences of guests where there is more than one repeated email. This is useful to merge guest's profile
  2. Merge guests -  Merge duplicate guest profiles. Learn more about How to Merge Guest Profiles
  3. Guest information:
    • Name / Surname
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Country
    • Repeat Guests? (Y/N)
    • Guest Status
  4. Export customers - Save your guests' data in Excel file (xlsx format)

To view more details about a guest and to be redirected to the guest details page, click on the guest name.

Guest Profile Overview

Once you've clicked on a specific guest's name or surname, you can see or update your guest's profile. It is important to keep your guest's profile updated in case of new reservations.

Guest Details

On the Guest Details tab you can:

  1. Upload or take a guest's photo
  2. Check if the guest opts in to marketing and promo content. See more in the GDPR Data Controls section below
  3. Contact Information, Address and Guest Document
  4. Statistics (total reservations, nights stayed, total revenue and the last visit date)
  5. Sources from which guest booked
  6. Select a Guest Status
  7. Create a new reservation for the guest
  8. If GDPR Compliance is enabled, the Privacy Actions drop-down allows you to Anonymize Guest Data or Extract Guest Data. Learn more below

The Privacy Actions drop-down will only be displayed if Enable GDPR Compliance is enabled for the property. Learn more here: Enabling Security Compliance Settings (GDPR) in Cloudbeds PMS.

GDPR Data Controls

Guest Marketing Preferences

Under the Guest Details, check if the guest opts in to marketing and promo content

  • According to GDPR compliance, only the guest can decide whether they want to opt-in for marketing content (by confirming that during booking process on booking engine or by following the Opt-in guest form/link and confirming that they opt-in)
  • Both the property and guest can opt-out the guest
  • If a Cloudbeds PMS user decides to change a Guests status from Opt-In to Opt-Out, it can not be undone until the guest books your property again or opts-in by other means
  • Opting-out the guest only affects the guest profile. It does not affect any other guest associated with the same reservation
Anonymize Guest Data

Anonymizing guest data will remove all personally identifiable information for this guest from the system.

  1. Guest Details:
    • First Name -> will be replaced with Anonymized
    • Last Name -> will be replaced with Anonymized
    • Email  -> will be replaced with Anonymized-first 10 symbols from old email
  2. Guest’s Photo
  3. Phone
  4. Cell Phone
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Address 1
  7. Address 2
  8. All PII Custom Fields (Personal Identifiable Information)
  9. Document Number
  10. Document Issue Date
  11. Document Expiration Date
  12. Notes, if there are any
  13. Documents
    • All images and documents uploaded aside from Registration Cards and Invoices
  • This action can not be undone.
  • The Anonymize Guest Data button will be active only if:
    • Guest has no In-House, Confirmation Pending, or Confirmed reservations
    • Balance Due is 0
    • Guest has not been previously anonymized
  • Invoices won't be modified or removed
Guest Data Extraction

The Guest Data Extraction option creates and downloads an XML file (similar to Reservation Export) that includes the details outlined below.

At the moment only a XML format is available for the Guest Data Extraction.

  1. Guest Details:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Email
    4. Phone
    5. Cell Phone
    6. Date of Birth
    7. Gender
    8. Address 1
    9. Address 2
    10. City
    11. Country
    12. Province / State
    13. Postal / ZIP Code
    14. All Additional Information Custom Fields
    15. Type of Guest Document
    16. Document Number
    17. Document Issue Date
    18. Document Issuing Country
    19. Document Expiration Date
    20. All custom fields
  2. History
  3. Notes (both active and archived)
  4. Documents
  5. All Reservations

The History shows the guests' reservation history:

  1. Search by using the Search feature to find a specific reservation or
  2. View the full reservation details by selecting a specific reservation

Add a note and see any of the notes associated with this guest (list of all notes, including both active and archived)


Upload new guest documents and view previously added documents:

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