Taxes and fees FAQs

This article includes the most frequently asked questions about Taxes and Fees in Cloudbeds PMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Taxes and Fees?
  • Taxes are a financial charge or other levy imposed upon a taxpayer, contribution to state revenue. For example: VAT(USA), IVA(Europe), ISS(Brazil).
  • A Fee is charge in exchange for services. For example: Cleaning Fee, Booking Fee.
How many Taxes or Fees can be created on Cloudbeds PMS?

You can create as many Taxes/Fees as needed in the Taxes and Fees section. See how here.

Why can't I see the Taxes and Fees section in Cloudbeds PMS?

Users need to have the Taxes and Fees role enabled to set up the applicable taxes and fees for your property. See Roles and Permissions for more details.

Why my Taxes and Fees are not being applied to reservations from OTAs?

Once created, your Taxes and Fees need to be manually assigned to the corresponding sources, so these are applied successfully. See Taxes and Fees - How to apply Taxes and Fees to Reservation Sources to learn more.

How will my taxes and fees be displayed on a guest's invoice?
  • Taxes and Fees: In the invoice summary at the top of the invoice, taxes and fees are always separated:
  • Taxes/Fees Types: By default the system will show the total amount of all taxes/fees types on the invoice summary (at the top of the invoice) (1) and each tax/fee transaction in the invoice body (2)
How to set up tax specifics on the invoice?

Enable the option to show the tax type breakdown at the top of the invoice:

  1. Click on Invoicing, under the Payments section
  2. Click on the Invoicing Settings tab
  3. Select Show tax/fee specifics on the invoice. If enabled and the property has multiple taxes/fees, a breakdown of the total of each tax/fee will appear on the invoice.
  4. Save

Newly generated invoices will display the tax type breakdown accordingly:

If you have any other questions not included in this article, reach out to our Support Team.

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