How to use tags in reports

Tags help you quickly find reports when you know exactly what you are looking for and when you don't. This article shows you how to add tags to a report and use them to filter reports.

Property Owner has access to Cloudbeds Insights by default. Other users must be granted access to Cloudbeds Insights by the Property Owner inside Roles. Learn more: Roles and Permissions

Adding a Tag to a Report

Tag(s) can be added when saving a report, either a new report or an existing report.

Saving a new report

  1. Once you finish creating a report, click Save

  2. Type one or more tags inside the field. Every time you type a tag, end it with a comma (,)

Make sure the tag appears in blue — it means that it was successfully added to the field.

  1. Click Save

Creating a report based on an existing report (Save As function)

You can create a new report based on an existing report by opening the report and clicking Save As to make a copy and customize the report.

The only exception to the rule involves the Beta reports, the latest and most enhanced versions featuring preselected columns and filters. As of now, users don't have the option to modify them.

Learn more here: Occupancy Reports.

Use tags in filters

  1. Go to Saved Reports
  2. Click the filter Tags
  3. Select or unselect the tags to find the reports you want
  4. Click Manage to add, edit, or delete tags
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