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How to use Gift Certificates or Gift Cards when creating reservations on the Booking Engine


You can distinguish which guests had used Gift Codes (as an alternative for Gift Certificates or Gift Cards, for example) on reservations made via the booking engine, mybookings. Use the following workaround — the gift code will be displayed within the reservation on Cloudbeds PMS.

Reach out to our Support Team for more information about gift cards or gift certificates options on Cloudbeds PMS.

Cloudbeds can also integrate with the Gift Up! app.

It works the following way: when customers arrive at reception to book in, they may present you with a Gift Up issued gift card for your hotel. You can check the balance of the gift card and apply the balance to any open folios with a balance due at any point before they check out. Find more about the integration process here.

Before Getting Started

  • For this workaround you must have the Custom Field feature included in your package, which is available for the Cloudbeds Plus, Premier, and Enterprise packages.
  • Also, you must have your own Gift Certificate Codes which can be offered to your travel agents or potential guests to be used when creating reservations via the booking engine. You would need to manually track and validate these codes.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Create the custom field

Create a Custom Field for your guests to write in the Gift Certificate Code. This custom field will appear in the booking engine while your guests are creating the reservation.

  1. Go to Manage (gear icon)
  2. Under Property Configuration, click on Custom Fields
  3. Click on +ADD NEW
  4. Add details for the Gift Certificate custom field.

Make sure to set up the Gift Card as a non-required field. Otherwise, other guests without a Gift Certificate will not be able to confirm their reservation.

It is not allowed to input "Gift Card" as custom field name. The word "card" triggers an error because the system understands that you are trying to collect credit card details via custom field.

As a suggestion, you can use Gift Certificate or Gift Code, Voucher Code instead.

  1. Click on Save
Step 2 - Enable Bank Transfer under Payment Options

Even though the Bank Transfer payment option is not going to be used for this workaround, this is a requirement for it to properly work.

  1. Go to Manage (gear icon)
  2. Under Property Configuration click Payment Options
  3. Select Bank Transfer
  4. Activate Bank Transfer by clicking on the button and make sure to choose Mybookings booking engine to allow this payment type
  5. Click Save
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