Edit or deactivate your synced distribution rate plans

Advanced channel rates allows users to sync multiple rate plans on your Cloudbeds PMS to multiple rate plans on a channel. In case you want to deactivate or edit a synced rate plan, check the details below.

For more details about advanced channel rates, check Sync Rate Plans to Distribution Channels.

Edit the price of a synced rate plan

For derived rate plans

The system doesn't allow you to edit a derived rate plan because it will override the rate plan rule. If you want to edit it, find below two alternatives:

Option 1 - Edit the derived percentage or amount
  1. Access the rate plans & packages page
  1. Click to edit the rate plan
  1. Update the percentage or amount previously configured in the derived rate plan option
  2. Save
Option 2 - Update the base rate in the availability matrix

Since this is a derived rate plan (meaning that, the rate plan is derived from your Base Rate), you can update the Base Rate through the availability matrix.

Once you do that, the derived rate plan will be automatically recalculated.


For non-derived rate plans

If you want to edit a non-derived rate plan, you have the following two options:

Option 1 - Edit specific dates
  1. Access the availability matrix and search for the desired rate plan
  2. Edit the package rate directly in the availability matrix table:
Option 2 - Global change
  1. Access the rate plans & packages page
  2. Click to edit the rate plan
  1. Scroll down and click to edit the Interval
  1. Scroll down to the rate settings and update the rate as needed for each accommodation in the rate plan  
  2. Save

If you want to delete an interval of an existing rate plan:

  • The availability will be closed to all associated rate plans
  • The rate plan mapping will be removed (disconnected) on Channel Distribution
  • You need to re-map another rate plan for the channels that had this rate plan connected, if you want to keep the availability opened.
Deactivate a rate plan for channel distribution

To deactivate a rate plan in the distribution channels (stop it from being updated on Cloudbeds Channel Manager), you need to disable the channel mapping option in the rate plan & packages settings. Follow the steps below:

  1. Access the Rate Plans & Package page
  2. Switch the toggle to OFF under Active for sources/Booking Engine column
  1. Make sure to access the channels extranet and delete/deactivate the rate plan on their side as well.

Switching the toggle to OFF will unmap the rate plan from the channels it was previously mapped to, but all the information that has been previously sent to the channel will still be there.

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