Cloudbeds Currencies Formats

Currency formatting varies greatly by country and language. By using currency formatting guidelines and incorporating standards, the Cloudbeds PMS improved the platform localization and your experience by allowing properties to easily scan data.

Check below how Cloudbeds PMS determines the currencies formatting based on the Common Locale Database Repository (CLDR).


It's important to know the meaning of each currency and their formats to understand how they will be displayed on Cloudbeds PMS.

Currency Details
Local Currency (Default) The main and default currency of the property. It's based on the property's country, but can be changed upon request.
Non-Local Currency Any other type of currency used by the property. Non-Local currencies can be enabled on Currencies page.
Short Currency Format Consists of the currency symbol and currency value.
Example: $, R$, RM

Explicit Currency Format Include the currency ISO code and currency value. Used in the multi-currency context.
Example: USD, UAH, MYR.

How the System Applies Each Currency Type

When you only have the Local Currency enabled

By default, the short format will be used if you only have your local currency enabled on Cloudbeds PMS.

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Calendar - Google Chrome

For properties that do not use minor units,  Cloudbeds PMS will correctly show and round the monetary values for currencies when creating reservations. This will also be applied to reservations in the Booking Engine, and to the Reservation Balance Due section.

When you have non-local currency enabled

If your property has non-local currencies enabled, the explicit format will be used in the following cases:

DEMO - Karina's Hostel - Manage - Currencies - Google Chrome
  1. Amount inputs where multi-currency is enabled
    • Example: Add Payments in reservation folio, Add Cash in cash drawer
Currency Formatting Guidelines – Figma - Google Chrome
  1. Total amounts in the tables
    • Example: amount totals in reservation folio, reports
    • The short format will be used to display non-totals alongside the total amount in the table
  1. Paragraphs showing exchange rates
    • Example: tool tip in reservation folio
Currency Formatting Guidelines – Figma - Google Chrome
  1. In Cash Drawer reports for both totals and non-total
Currency Formatting Guidelines – Figma - Google Chrome

Click to learn more about Multi Currency.

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