Duve - Frequently Asked Questions

Duve is a pre-check-in app which can be integrated with Cloudbeds PMS.

To learn how to connect your Cloudbeds PMS account with Duve, please visit our Duve - Connection Guide.

You can find more details about Duve & Cloudbeds Integration here.

Which upsells functions do not send transactions to Cloudbeds?

Transportation service send only a note to Cloudbeds PMS about a service, but there is no transaction added to the folio.

Which upsell service should I choose if I need transactions to be sent to Cloudbeds PMS?

You need to choose Custom service option if you want Duve app to add a note in Cloudbeds PMS as well as send the transaction to the guest folio:

  1. Access Upsells
  2. Click on Manage
  3. Click on Add New
  4. Choose Custom service

You will be able to see on Cloudbeds PMS side:

  1. A reservation note
  2. A transaction added to the guest folio from Duve:
How to set Pre-Check-in option to send messages to the guests?
  1. Access Settings
  2. Click on Check-in
  3. Enable pre check-in automated emails function
  4. Emails can be sent only on the mentioned Timing
  • It is not possible to chose hours in Timing, 1 day is minimum available choice
  • The exact time when the e-mail will be sent in not known

Here is an example of the confirmation which guest can receive from Duve:

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Can I send scheduled e-mails from Duve for different room types reserved?

You can communicate with guests via SMS/WhatsApp/Email/In-App.

Messages and emails can be scheduled on a room level - you can set up tags on the rooms and then send the specific messages based on the tags of the room. Reach out to Duve support for more detailed instructions on it.

There is also chat inside your Duve account where you can reach out for support.

Why can't I delete items added from Duve

As of July 30, 2021, this is a feature that hasn't been implemented by Duve. They are aware of this issue, but we invite you to reach out to them and share your feedback.

Error: "There is a problem syncing your Cloudbeds account"

If you received the following email from Duve, please check the cause and how to fix it below:

26e5246e-efe3-412a-9378-332b0becdbdd (643×478) - Google Chrome


This error happens when you have more than one one Cloudbeds account and you were not logged in to the specific Cloudbeds account while syncing Duve with Cloudbeds.


Follow the steps below to update the sync:

  1. On your Duve account, click on Settings
  2. Select Connect & Sync
  3. Click on Add or Replace a Source
  4. Select Add New Source and connect your second Cloudbeds account

Do not remove the old Cloudbeds connection.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to support@duve.com.

Can guests change their stay dates in Duve by themselves?
  1. For direct reservations: the guests can be advised to send a message via the Guest-App requesting the modification of their stay dates.
  2. For reservations made via OTA's, the guests will need to update their stay dates directly on the OTA. If there is no availability, the guests will need to reach out to the property through the Guest-App to check on other available options
How to configure Upsells (Products - Items & Services) in Duve?

You can find detailed instructions about the Upsell Setup here and also check the Tax Code Setup for Upsells here.

How to Setup Custom Field for Access Codes?

Check the detailed instructions here.

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