Cloudbeds Payments - How to update your Bank Account information

This article explains the process to update your bank account information for the Cloudbeds Payments feature. Click on the following article to learn more: Cloudbeds Payments - Everything you need to know

Update your bank account for Cloudbeds Payments

  1. Send an email to the Cloudbeds Payments Team, requesting to update your bank account associated with your Cloudbeds Payments merchant account.
  2. You will be sent a form in which the merchant principal of the account will need to fill out and sign. 
  3. It can take from 2-3 business days to update once the form is successfully received.
  • Only one bank account can be connected to the same Cloudbeds account.
  • We can transfer exclusively to bank accounts. It is not possible to transfer to credit cards or to PayPal accounts.

If you are not using Cloudbeds Payments, you will need to contact your merchant provider to update your bank account. If you have any doubts, visit Cloudbeds Payments - Frequently Asked Questions.

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