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Reservation by Rate Plan Report


Use this report to generate a list of reservations based on their rate plan.

  • This report only shows the rate plans created on myfrontdesk and not those which are created on the OTAs.
  • For bookings created with the base rate (standard rate) and the OTA's rate plan, only the Room Type booked will be displayed.

How to access the reservation by rate plan report

  1. Click 'Reports'
  2. Go to 'Production Reports'
  3. Select 'Reservation by Rate Plan'

Applying Filters and Analyzing the Report

You can filter the report by:

  1. Booking Date
  2. Check-in  Date
  3. Check-out Date
  4. Rate Plans
  5. Room Type
  6. Or use the search tab to look for a specific reservation by its number, room number or guest name.
  7. Click Apply to generate the report

The report consists of the following fields:

  1. Reservation Number: Myfrontdesk reservation number
  2. Name: The first name of the primary guest
  3. Surname: The last name of the primary guest
  4. Arrival Date: The reservation check-in date
  5. Departure Date: The reservation check-out date
  6. Room Type : The room type which was booked including the rate plan name.

You may also email or export the report to PDF/Excel:

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